Monday, January 9, 2012

The Darkest Hour movie plot: The Darkest Hour movie plot spoiler

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The Darkest Hour movie ending fails to resolve the catalyst. How did the invisible invaders reach Earth? We see the invisible invaders arrive on Earth. They consume the Earth's natural resources. The invisible invaders devour humans and living orgasms. The Darkest Hour movie ending is ineffective. The following movie synopsis will reveal the plot spoiler to The Darkest Hour movie.

The main characters travel to Moscow, Russia to pitch their social networking website. The two friends plan to acquire Russian funding to begin their startup company. However, another individual steals the social networking idea. According to this individual, the idea theft is only business.

The two friends go to a Russia club to drink a bottle of premium vodka. Their disappointment worsens once the power goes out. The club occupants walk outside to witness a light jellyfish show in the sky. The invisible invaders land softly on the concrete ground. All of a sudden, the invisible invader disintegrates a Moscow police officer. The crowd runs away from the invisible invaders.

The friends, two American girls and the idea thief hide in a storage room for a few days. Invisible invaders destroy the entire city outside. Moscow is turned into an apocalyptic world. The group learns to escape the invisible invaders with detecting their defense system.

While the idea thief shoots at the invisible invaders, he is devoured into grain. An invisible invader  dragged and consumed one best friend. The blonde female friend is consumed as well. The man who attempts to help the group with inventing a microwave gun is turned to ash.

Several Russian missionaries help the three remaining characters to take cover. Sean, Natalie, and the young female Russian adolescent reach the submarine. They defeat several invisible invaders who are cheesy looking. These Aliens are better off staying invisible rather than expose the movie's terrible special effects. The moment a microwave gun scramble the defense shields, we think back to the Jeeper Creeepers movie. In the horror movie, the monster reveals his Alien/dragon face.

Sean, Natalie and the Russian soldiers kill several invisible invaders. The group celebrate the victory. Thereafter, the Russian soldiers return back to their camp to fight future invisible invaders. Sean, Natalie, and the young Russian adolescent girl leave with the submarine. Natalie discovers her family is alive and well. Sean and the Russian submarine crew learn that nations are fighting the invisible invaders.

Then, the Darkest Hour movie ends without a clear resolution. The Darkest Hour movie ending is a super disaster. The Darkest Hour movie plot is about a super invasion of invisible invaders consuming Earth's energy supply. In the end, the main characters defeat several invisible invaders.

The turning point of the movie shows many invaders falling from the sky. It is confusing to watch a movie about the end of the world with no clear resolution. End of the world movies such as Deep Impact, Armageddon, Independence Day, 2012, Knowing, and others all have some sort of resolution to claim victory. The Darkest Hour movie plot is nonetheless an invisible story about running from the fear of a super invasion. Watch The Darkest Hour with caution. The movie ending will likely disappoint you.    

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