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The Devil Inside movie plot Spoiler

The Devil Inside Plot Spoiler
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The Devil Inside is a documentary movie about multiple demonic possession and possession. Isabella Rossi is making a documentary about her mother's (Maria Rossi) 1989 murders, believing that there is more to the story than is revealed to her. Maria Rossi is diagnosed as mentally insane, and sent to the Centrino Hospital for the criminally insane in Rome, Italy. The Devil Inside movie plot spoiler will reveal the details of the exorcism movie, so you can decide to read further or stop now to avoid ruining your movie experience.

***Plot Spoiler***

In 1989, Maria Rossi calls 911 to report three people... She reveals to the 911 operator that three people are dead. The 911 operator investigates further to find out whether the woman is hurt. Maria Rossi tells the 911 operator that she killed three people and to send the police. Maria Rossi brutally murdered two priests and one nun in Hartford, Connecticut. The butchered bodies of the deceased church servants are revealed with blood splatter. Maria Rossi is apprehended while hiding underneath the basement floor.

Maria Rossi is taken into custody. In the 1989 murder trial convicts, the court deems Maria Rossi as mentally insane. She is sent to the Centrino Hospital of the criminally insane to be locked away.

Fast forward twenty years later to 2009: Isabella Rossi decides to do a documentary on Maria Rossi to learn more about the 1989 murders. She feels there is more to the murders. Isabella hasn't seen her mother Maria Rossi since she was a young girl.

Isabella Rossi visits Rome, Italy, the home to the Vatican Catholic Church. Maria Rossi is locked away in the Centrino Hospital. Isabella is about to see her mother for the first time in twenty years. The cameraman shoots the meeting reuniting the mother and daughter. Maria looks at Isabella as if she is a stranger, making the meeting rather cold and chilling.

Maria has no recollection of her daughter. She tells Isabella that should have not killed the baby. Isabella is in shock. Thus, there is no possible way Isabella's mother should knows about the termination of short-term pregnancy due to health complications. Maria reveals self-mutilated wounds in the form of inverted crosses on her inner forearms and under her lip. Isabella pulls in closer to listen to her mother. Maria begins to yell like a crazy woman (no pun intended). The physician enters the room to restrain Maria, and then tells the cameraman and Isabella they have to leave.

Isabella tries to recompose herself after the strange meeting with her mother. We see Isabella watching a lecture in the Exorcism School at the Vatican. The exorcist school lecturer informs the priests that they must understand the difference between the possessed and the normal human subject. An exorcism video is shown to the class to depict the evil of demons. The subject is supposedly rejected as a candidate to undergo an exorcism since the Church believes she is not suffering from demonic possession.

The priests begin to debate about demonic possession. One nonbeliever and another believers state their opinion of the exorcism seen on the video. The lecturer draws a connection of the chalkboard, noting that multiple demonic possession is possible.

Isabella meets two exorcists David and Ben. She reveals to them that she wants to learn more about exorcisms and demonic possession. Isabella reveals to the priests that she is doing a documentary on her mother because she murdered three people and believes the murders to be a result of possession.

David and Ben watch the Maria Rossi video. They notice that she has self-mutilated wounds of inverted crosses. Maria displays clairvoyance powers. Isabella asks to attend the Exorcism School to learn about exorcisms and possession. David and Ben invite Isabella to attend an unauthorized exorcism. The Church rejected a woman to undergo an exorcism to exorcise a demon. Hence, the woman is believed to have a psychological condition rather than demonic possession.

The young woman is moved down to the basement to sleep on a bed. Her condition has worsened, so moving her to the basement prevents any further accidents with hurting her family members. Moviegoers realize that they're in for a scary ride.

The possessed woman twists her body parts, which the bones make crackling noises. She is restrained to the bed. David monitors the woman's vital signs to ensure she is safe. He indicate that larger eye pupils than normal usually suggest demonic possession.

The exorcism of the young woman is performed. During the exorcism, the woman says nasty things to the exorcists such as wanting to perform oral sex on him. She has been thinking about the moment. The woman also knows Isabella's name. It is one of those surreal moments.

All of a sudden, the lights go out without warning. Everyone in the basement room freak out. The possessed woman attempts to climb up the wall. She is restrained again. Blood begins to leak from her vaginal region. The wild exorcism ends in exorcising out the demon that previously possessed the woman. The cameraman is in utter shock. He is lost for words. Isabella experience a crash course lesson on exorcisms and demonic possession.

The great exorcism of Maria Rossi is looming in the forefront. The exorcism team prepares to perform the exorcism. They get Maria Rossi ready. She is tied down to the bed. The exorcism goes haywire. Maria begs to demonstrate demonic powers such as clairvoyance. She throws the exorcist across the room with ease. The entire room is a scene out of The Exorcist. Thus, the exorcism ends without the exorcists properly exorcising the demon(s).

The exorcists, Isabella and the cameraman review the tape. Maria speaks in four different languages to reveal multiple demonic possession. David acts weirdly. He begins to eat in the dark. There is obvious tension between everyone. Isabella complains about Ben to the cameraman.

David performs a Baptism on a baby. He looks rather defiant of the holy place. The Baptism attendees watch David dunk the baby in the water and try to drown it. Everyone tries to help free the baby, while David passes out.

The cameraman tells Ben and Isabella that David is not well. He shares that David almost killed a baby during the Baptism. The police arrive at the home to take David into custody. David manages to steal the gun from the policeman. Ben and Isabella try to convince David to put the gun down. David is apparently shaken up. He then recites a passage and blows his head off.

Isabella begins to experience seizures. The passing of the demon spirits transfer from deceased David to possess Isabella. Isabella is taken to the hospital. The cameraman and Ben are in shock. David committed suicide and now Isabella is in a bad state of mind.

Isabella harms another staff member or a patient, somehow slicing the woman's throat. She bends backwards with her backbones making cracking noises. Ben rushes to transfer Isabella to another priest who can help to perform the exorcism.

The three (cameraman, Ben and Isabella) drive in a car along a dark road. Ben restrains Isabella to keep her from harming them. The cameraman and Ben panic. The possessed Isabella tries to choke the cameraman. In that exact moment, the demon spirits transfer to the cameraman. The cameraman removes his safety belt. The climax is going crazy. We are about to see one last exorcism.

All of a sudden, the car crashes and tumbles. We see the car occupants getting thrown around inside. The screen fades to black, mentioning the Rossi story is unsolved and that we must join the investigation at The Rossi Files.

The disappointed movie ending doomed a decent exorcism movie. The Devil Inside movie pot spoiler concludes with a car accident to end an exorcism movie. Most previous exorcism movies end with an exorcism to exorcise the demons out of the possessed. Enjoy watching and discovering the Rossi story.

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