Monday, February 20, 2012

Does Arthur commit suicide in The Woman in Black movie?

***Movie Spoiler***

Moviegoers are beginning to believe Arthur committed suicide in The Woman in Black movie. Arthur is the only person besides the children to have seen the woman in black. He does seem to consider harming himself in the opening sequence following the triple suicide. Does Arthur commit suicide in The Woman in Black movie?

Arthur is deeply hurt. His wife passed away during childbirth. We can see his pale face after son is handed to him and the shirt is pulled over his wife's body. It is a sad revelation to take in, especially since the young lawyer is now a single father. 

Is The Woman in Black plot design the same as The Sixth Sense? Does Arthur only see the woman because he is already dead? We don't think Arthur committed suicide from the beginning of the movie till the end. Arthur is a fighter with a strong heart. He loves his son too much to take his life. 

People understand that committing suicide results in a spirit neither going up to Heaven and going down to Hell. The deceased are welcome into Heaven or will succumb to their sins in Hell. It really depends on the popular way of thinking through the diverse religious denominations. We can look at suicide from two perspectives. 

In the Constantine movie, the twin sister commits suicide. Her soul is trapped in The Astral Hell which is populated with demons. Constantine must defeat the Devil in the flesh to save the sister. It is against Catholicism and Christianity to commit suicide.  

In What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams's character dies in an accident. He reaches Heaven, the beauty that the living are hoping to experience for all of eternity. His wife commits suicide. She is vanished to the dark regions of Hell to pay for her sin. The movie plot shows that committing suicide has adverse effects in dictating the resting place of the sprit.     

In The Woman in Black movie, the woman in black commits suicide to escape the guilt in losing her son. She also takes her hate along with her, manifesting the strong resent into a curse to kill every child in the local town. The curse is a way for the woman in black to deal with the loss of her son. We remember that evil spirits continue to wreak havoc on the living. 

Arthur is aware of what can happen to people who commit suicide. He may have a loss in faith since his wife passed away. However, Arthur's little son is his pride and joy. He loves his child very much. Arthur risks his life to retrieve the woman in black's deceased son. His essentially goal is to stop the woman from killing his son and anymore children in the town. 

The hate is beyond religion. It is an evil stronger than demonic possession. A curse takes more than an exorcism to break the evil inflicted on the local town. All Arthur wants is to take his son home. His first instinct is to save his son from getting smashed by the train. There is no way the writer and or the book is trying to trick the audience into thinking Arthur committed suicide at any point in the movie. 

Arthur sees the woman in black standing nearby the burning girl. He believes in the woman in black. If the writer intended to convey that Arthur is already deceased, she would have revealed the twist in the movie ending. The writer is not looking to confuse the average moviegoer.   

The Sixth Sense movie reveals the plot twist in the falling action. The movie ending explains that Malcom has been dead for quite some time. Malcom never senses his soul has passed into the afterlife. He passed away on the very night his former patient killed him. The Passengers movie also features the same exact plot twist in the movie ending. 

Arthur dies with his son. The death scene with the train smashing into the father and son are replaced with the dark, quiet train station. We already know Arthur and his son are dead. The second sign after death is a loved one coming down to guide the deceased. In this case, the wife/mother reunited with her family. It means everything to rekindle his bond with this beautiful wife. She is a beautiful Angel. The smile on the son's face conveys that Arthur achieved his internal goal. 

Arthur probably contemplated suicide. The woman in black reveals to Arthur that losing a loved one can shatter a life. He understands the pain Mr. and Mrs. Daily feel in losing their son. He also knows the woman in black is spiteful in her letters to the husband. The hatred can enter a spirit to create curses. 

The Killing Katie Malone movie uses the same plot design to show that ghosts are capable of hurting the living, even killing them to satisfy their internal desire. Hatred is a strong emotion that can manifest negative energy. Astral beings and demons feed on hatred to possess the living. In the afterlife, an angry spirits with hatred can create curses to revenge a missing link in their living form. 

The answer to whether Arthur kills himself is no. Arthur does die trying to save his son. The clue to dying is the dark station on the opposite side of the physical world. The woman in black fails to create the pain she experienced since Arthur died with his son. Grief is usually reached after denial in losing a loved one. People who commit suicide to escape grief are faced with walking the afterlife in limbo, going down to Hell, and or possibly finding a way to work toward forgiveness to enter Heaven. 

Arthur never committed in The Women in Black movie. He makes a noble effort to save his son. Arthur reunites the woman in black with her son. In the end, the price to pay is death. Arthur, the son, and the mother are win the death game because it is their internal goal to reunite as a family. Arthur will never jeopardize his family with a selfishly committing suicide. 



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