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A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Plot Spoiler

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***Plot Spoiler***
David Fincher's thriller A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo follows Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig), a journalist that Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) hires to investigate the mystery behind his niece who has been missing for 40 years. The Vanger family hold a dark ocean of secrets. Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) is a computer hacking genius girl who has a dragoon tattoo.

Mikael loses a battle in a libel court case against billionaire financier Hans-Erik Wennerstrom, costing him a fortune. Lisbeth conducts a background check on Mikael, gathering intelligence for Armansky (Goran Visnjic). Henrik hires Milton Security to conduct the background check to approve Mikael. Lisbeth is an intelligent young woman with a troubled past. At age 12, Lisbeth is released to the state after she is deemed incompetent. She is placed with a legal guardian. 

Mikael has a long-term affair with his editor in chief Erika Berger. He accepts the investigative position to rebound after losing the libel case against the billionaire. Mikael relocates into an arranged Vanger cottage to research the evidence from the past 40 years.

Lisbeth lives a tough life. She is turned over to the state at a young age. She must perform oral sex favors for a state worker to receive additional funds to survive. The state worker eventually rapes her through performing sodomy. She gets revenge against the man she refers to as a rapist pig. Lisbeth tattoos the exact words on his chest, and rapes him with a dildo.

Mikael hires Lisbeth as a research assistant to help him uncover the facts that will lead them to the missing girl. During the investigation, Mikael and Lisbeth begin to have a sexual relationship. They have sex a few times, giving Lisbeth a sexual appetite beyond her lesbian club affairs.

Mikael discovers that Martin Vanger is responsible for raping and murdering woman. His father also took part in the murdering sprees prior to his death (drowning after trying to pursue his daughter - she hit him with a wooden oar). Martin is confused about the whereabouts of his sister Harriet, which he never murdered. The father and son did perform sex acts on Harriet.

In 1965, Harriet Vanger left the busy home in a car trunk, escaping the sexual abuse that tormented her life. She relocates to London, changing her identity in the process. After Martin's death in a card accident, Mikael returns to London again to inform Harriet her uncle misses her very much.

Henrik gives Mikael the secret files to use as retaliation against the billionaire. Nothing in the files are useful to pursue to harm the billionaire.

Mikael returns back to his hometown. Lisbeth requests a $50,000 loan from Mikael. He claims she doesn't have the money, but she informs him he does. We know by now Lisbeth is a computer genius capable of finding any dirt on any person.

Lisbeth purchases supplies. She makes a fake passport to imitate the billionaire's wife or girlfriend. Lisbeth steals the entire fortune, transferring the money into several offshore accounts. She returns back home to pay Mikael back the loan.

In the news, it is revealed the billionaire has lost most of his fortune. Then later, the billionaire is killed. Lisbeth purchases a nice leather jacket to give Mikael as a gift to show that she cares about him.

Lisbeth spots Mikael walking out of his home with his editor. She dumps the leather jacket in the garbage can and drives off on her motorcycle.

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo movie ends with an excellent resolution to tie up all loose ends.

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