Friday, February 24, 2012

Insidious movie explained

Insidious is an astral horror about a young child who engages in astral projection. In the astral travels, the young astral traveler gets stuck in "The Further," The Astral Hell of the subplanes.  Want to know more about the insidious plot? Please beware of the movie spoiler below. The movie plot is not arranged in sequential order. 

***Movie Spoiler***

Ghosts haunt the Lambert home. We never figure out the ghosts' motivation at first, although the astral beings hang around the home for some reason that we will discover later. 

Young Dalton plays in the attic. He falls off a ladder, hitting his head in process. However, Josh and mother Renai are able to help him shake off the dust.

In the morning, Josh tries to wake up Dalton. Dalton is unresponsive. At the hospital, the physician claims that Dalton has no neurological damage. Nevertheless, Dalton is in a coma. Why is Dalton in a coma? The moviegoer must watch the movie further to understand the source of the coma. 

Weird sounds are coming from inside the home. Renai feels like she is going crazy. The young brother fears Dalton because he walks around at night. How can Dalton walk around in his coma state? 

The answer to the sleepwalking question will surface later. Renai continues to experience paranormal events. The front door abruptly opens with no source to the occurrence. In the midst of the supernatural sightings, Renai seems to be losing her mind. 

Josh grades school papers. His stress levels are obviously off the charts. In that moment of time, Josh astral projects from the school into the home. In stressful moments, a person can consciously astral project to another location. Josh is unaware of his having an out of body experience and or doing astral projection. 

Josh arrives home late. Renai is sitting on the front porch. She questions Josh for coming home late. He is on the defensive side, though Renai is referring to needing his help during the stressful times. Josh learns to become more supportive.  

The Lambert family relocates to a new home. Renai continues to see ghosts haunting the home. Therefore, a priest is called upon to help Renai. Nonetheless, Josh refuses to believe there is anything wrong. Josh's mom explains to Josh that there is truth to Renai's claims. She shares her dream of a red-faced demon. 

Out of nowhere, a red-faced demon shows up behind Josh. Whereas the demon sighting is somewhat silly, the plot design is leading the moviegoer to the source of Dalton's coma. 

A team is called to investigate the home. In their investigation, the team discovers multiple ghosts parading the home. Hence, a psychic medium Elise Rainier is recruited to look further into the ghosts. She discovers a demon spirit preying on Dalton's physical body.

During this team, the moviegoer is introduced to astral projection and the astral form. It is the most important plot point in the entire movie. This is when Josh learns about his past astral travels and the old woman spirit preying on his physical body. 

Dalton's astral projection travels took him into "The Further". His astral form is stuck there, so his physical body is incapable of functioning in the physical world. Astral projection is the act of moving outside the physical body through an astral form. The astral form or astral body is the spirit of the physical body. 

Dalton's drawings represent another important plot design of the Insidious movie. The drawings show Dalton astral traveling, which he writes in crayon that he watched his body sleeping. Dalton understands his astral travel gift enough to venture while in his unconscious state. Josh decides to trust Elise. 

Josh decides to take part in the experiment to confront the demon spirit. It is an intense moment that beings about the red-faced demon's evil message to Elise. A ghost tosses Josh and Renai. The red-faced demon controls Dalton, whose little frame overpowers everyone in the room. Elise casts the demon out of Dalton; however, he falls to the ground. Josh is not happy with the outcome. 

Josh's mother reveals to Josh that Elise and her go way back. They explain that an old woman spirit who attempted to possess Josh's physical body, showing the childhood pictures. The possession is reminiscent of the red-faced demon trying to prey on Dalton's physical body. Josh discovers he has the skill to astral project as well. 

The astral projection scene is designed to show the moviegoer how to astral project. We see Josh going into a trance under Elise's guidance. Josh then gives on the experiment, only to discover he has astral projected outside of his body, also known as the out of body experience (OBE). 

The Insidious movie plot conveyed the opening paranormal activity and Dalton's coma as symptoms to an even greater problem. Astral projection is introduced to the moviegoer as the cause and the solution to Dalton's condition. 

Interestingly enough, Josh is the only person who can save his son in "The Further". The astral projection is slowly released in the plot design to keep the moviegoers focused on the signs and symptoms. Elise diagnoses the problem with astral projection and the astral form getting trapped in "The Further," also known as The Astral Hell of the subplanes. 

Josh goes on a journey to rescue his son. The Astral Hell is populated with evil spirits who have committed malicious acts in their human life. Josh witnesses one ghost killing her parents. He fights a man who has terrorized Renai numerous times. 

Josh rescues Dalton from the red-faced demon. He has to put up a fight against the red-faced demon with the long sharp nails. Josh and Dalton are tossed around the room. However, the two manage to escape the dungeon. They rush back to the home where their physical bodies remain. The ghosts follow their scent, so they must hurry as quickly as possible. 

In the movie ending, Josh confronts the old woman in the mirror. He tells her he is not afraid. Josh refuses to allow the woman to terrorize him anymore. We assume Josh has defeated the old woman with confronting his fear. 

Josh's astral form reenters his physical body again. Renai and the mom rush to check on Dalton. In the midst of the intense ending, we find closure to the ghosts and the demon spirit. 

The movie ending throws another twist at the moviegoer. Josh tells Elise he long needs the picture. He hands it to Elise. She looks at Josh strangely, reaching down into her bag to remove a camera. She takes a snapshot of Josh. 

Josh goes berserk. He chokes the living daylights out of Elise. Elise dies of strangulation. Renai enters the living room to find Elise dead. She views the camera to find the old woman in the image. What does the old woman mean? 

The old woman has fully possessed Josh's physical body. She has tried to possess Josh many times in the past. Since Josh no longer astral projected, he never exposed his physical body to possession. The old woman is a parasite Josh encountered in the subplanes. She imposed a threat to him. 

In the end, Josh sacrificed himself to save his son. The old woman now occupies his body. Elise is also dead, which is the only person who could exercise the old woman out of Josh. Insidious ends with Josh placing his hand on Renai's shoulder. 

We never find out what will happen to Renai and everyone else. Josh is possessed with an old woman with a desire to live again. She is an evil spirit with bad intentions, influencing Josh to kill Elise.

Insidious is about astral projection, demonic and ghost possession, and the mystery of the subplanes of the astral plane. Overall, the movie conveys astral projection in depth to entertain the moviegoers. It is one of the best depictions of astral projection in the movies. Overall, Insidious is a good astral horror with great writing, directing and acting.                 

image credit: Yahoo Movies! 



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