Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Woman in Black Plot Explained

***The Woman in Black movie plot spoiler***

The Woman in Black movie is about a woman in black that influences children to unknowingly commit suicide. In previous horror movies, the movie plot is designed to discover the truth. Besides The Grudge movie, the ghosts seek to communicate with the living. The Woman in Black movie plot is about revenge.

The Woman in Black lost her son in a carriage accident. As a result, the woman believes her husband and others did not do enough to save the son, leaving him to drown in quicksand. The woman in black commits suicide, hanging herself with a rope. Most regretful humans who commit suicide will remain stuck between two worlds - the physical and the afterlife. 

The woman in black is malicious. She wants all children to pay for his son’s death. The Pumpkinhead movie also conveys a similar plot design with main character's revenge, hate, and curse he unleashed on a group after an accident kills his young son. Anytime the woman in black appears, she brainwashes the children to commit suicide. The Daily's son dies in a drowning. On that very day, the woman in black appears to influence the child to go into the water with strong currents.
Regretful spirits never forgive the living. Thus, the woman in black will continue to hate the living children. She is not happy, even though Arthur reunited her with the deceased body of the son. It is possible the woman in black is an evil spirit living in The Astral Hell. No good spirit will invoke harm on the living unless they choose an evil pact to release a curse.

The woman in black never intended to help Arthur and his son reunite with the mother. She sought after killing Arthur's son because he got involved with her mischievous plan. Hence, Arthur stood in the way of the woman in black killing the town's children. 

The woman in black's plan backfired on her. Arthur is a broken person without his wife. The son never met the mother who died during his birth. Therefore, the tragic ending is actually a happy moment to reunite Arthur with his wife. Even better, the son meets his Angel mother for the first time. We can see the smile on his face, one that is full of joy and happiness. 
We should not confuse the fact that woman in black wants to help reunite Arthur and his son with the wife/mother. Arthur subconsciously desired to reunite with his wife. However, his young son is the main connection he holds with the physical world. Mr Daily also helped Arthur to cope, showing that there are still good people willing to help others. 

The missing link is the wife. Arthur tries to reunite the woman in black with her son to end the curse. He wants to save his son as well as the town. He believes giving the woman an opportunity to grieve can save his son and the town's children from impending doom. 

The plot design conveys the woman is black as an evil spirit that intends to curse the town for all of eternity through hypnotizing children to commit suicide. The woman in black will never forgive the death of her son. Her hate runs so deep that she will never stop programming children to kill themselves. 

Evil spirits inflict harm on the living to feed their hate, regret, and pain. It is a form of energy consumption that feeds the evil spirits from within. 
We see the woman in black appear in every scene which a child and or children commit suicide. The children are unable to prevent the woman from harming them. The woman in black never kills the children herself, but instead is identical to the living Charles Manson archetype.

Arthur realized the curse could never be broken. The fear of dying is the least of his concern. He lives for his son, but discovers the darkness in the train station is a subconscious answer to his pain and suffering. The son finally meets his mother. Arthur mourned his wife's death countless times in The Woman in Black movie. He is thankful to reunite with his wife. It is a magical afterlife moment. 

Arthur doesn't kill himself. The woman in black hypnotizes Arthur's son to walk on the railroad tracks. Arthur races to railroad tracks to save his son. We think Arthur succeeded in the process. However, the train obviously kills Arthur and his son. They see another side to the train station. It is a dark world, which lights up once Arthur's beautiful Angel wife arrives to guide the two loving spirits on the journey to Heaven. Arthur realizes killing himself will put his soul in the same fate as the woman in black. 

The movie ending answers Arthur's wish to reunite with his wife. He reaches the afterlife without committing suicide. It is fair to convey the movie ending is joyful. Arthur and the son leave with their mother down the tracks to the light. The woman in black watches on. She seems to care with her teary eyes, but then she tricks everyone because she is an evil astral being who hates the living. 

The woman in black plot is about revenge, family bonding, an evil curse, astral being stuck in The Astral Hell, unsettled spirit, manifesting hate, and a number of emotional sub-genres resonating under the metaphysical/ghost movie. The emotional structure creates a multitude of underlying emotions. 

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    Thanks for commenting. We plan to prepare The Woman in Black. Thanks.

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  8. Huge huge thank-you. I watched this movie last year and up to 5 minutes ago I still couldn't understand the ending. I would be torn by the thought maybe the woman in black was content when she got her son so she wanted to help Arthur and his son. Maybe she was still mad so she tried to kill Arthur's son. THANKS for the blog :) now I can have a peace of mind LOL the woman in black is a heartless Bitch after all. Peace.

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