Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Women in Black movie facts

***Movie Spoilers***

The Woman in Black movie deals out many plot twists ane turns. The movie ending is confusing to many since Mr. Daily sees the woman in black and the children inside the train. Why is Joseph and Arthur able to escape the wrath of the woman in black?

The woman in black died with hate. Her cards and letters revealed anger, resentment, grief and hatred. She committed suicide on the estate, so her spirit resides there. Meanwhile, the woman in black's hate manifested into revenge.

The woman in black cursed the children to deny happiness. She lost her son in a carriage accident. As a result, the woman in black acted like a Charles Manson archetype to influence children into committing suicide.

The town rejected Arthur to prevent him from disturbing the woman in black. Anytime a person enters an abandoned home such as in The Grudge movie, they risk awakening a troubled spirit. As a result, Arthur reopened the door to encourage the woman in black to kill again.

In the movie ending, Mr. Daily watches the train move past him. He sees the woman in black and the children projecting on the windows. In a sense, the woman in black is like Freddie Krieger in A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Freddy traps the souls of his victims within him. He feeds off their energy to continue down the revenge path.

The woman in black also keeps the children spirits under her control. She never planned to reunite Arthur and Joseph with the wife/mother. The "never forgive" rant conveyed her desire to kill children. If Arthur left Joseph to die, the boy would've been stuck in the woman in black's web. We can look at the woman in black as a black window preying on fear.

The woman in black enabled Arthur and Joseph to reach the afterlife. Nevertheless, the woman in black intended to kill Joseph. She never sought after reuniting the Kipps' family. Evil spirits such as this woman in black will never stop harming people unless a living human breaks the curse.

In essence, the allegory in the woman in black conveys that hate, vengeance, and refusing to forgive manifest into evil curses. Freddy Krueger, The Grudge, Jason, Halloween and most evil horror movies are based on revenge. The woman in black realized her negative actions resulted in a positive outcome.

Arthur contemplated suicide out of grief. He was a broken man without his wife. Joseph is the only person keeping Arthur alive. Four years after the wife had passed, Arthur struggled to cope with the loss. His wife's death impacted his professional career. Moreover, Arthur's finances also went downhill. The Woman in Black is populated with allegorical themes and motifs.

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