Saturday, March 3, 2012

Major Spoiler: AMC The Walking Dead show season 2 finale spoiler

The Walking Dead is a super popular zombie show that has changed the AMC network. Zombie themes are thriving in 2012, so The Walking Dead continues to deliver excellent television every Sunday night at 9:00pm on AMC.

According to eOnline, a major spoiler accidentally made its way onto the DVD collection. Are you ready to know the plot spoiler to the AMC season finale? Please beware that the following will give up a major spoiler that can ruin your viewing experience. Avoid reading further if you want to wait until the season finale.

Warning ***AMC The Walking Dead plot spoiler***

A character death spoiler is going to change the future of The Walking Dead show. Do you have a favorite character on The Walking Dead? One of the main characters will die in the season finale? Want to know which character will die in the season finale? 

The major character who will die in the season finale somehow reached the DVD collection. AMC intended to keep this character's death secretive until the season finale aired. However, eOnline revealed a major mistake that spoiled the death of a major character. 

Ready for the major spoiler to the main character death in the season finale. The reveal to the character death is none other than Shane. Shane is expected to die in the season finale. The popular Shane character that creates the most conflict is going to be gone. 

Shane has helped the group stay alive. He is responsible for saving Carl's life, sacrificing Otis as zombie bait. Shane realized that Otis and him could never return back to the farm together. Thus, Shane made the ultimate decision to make the journey with the proper medical supplies to save Carl. Shane saved lives with breaking open the barn to find Sophie as a zombie. 

Shane is leaving The Walking Dead. We don't know how Shane will die, but his death is going to impact the zombie show. What are your thoughts about the major spoiler that leaked out Shane's demise? 

***Spoiler warning***

Shane died in episode 212. Rick stabs Shane in the heart. He is emotionally distraught after killing his best friend. Carl points a gun at Rick, but is actually aiming at Shane the zombie.

It appears that any living person who dies can transform into a zombie without receiving a zombie bite and or coming in contact with the zombie virus through infectious bodily fluids.

The season finale will explain the dead becoming zombies. In the CDC, Jenner whispered into Rick's ear. Rick knows a secret he hasn't shared with the group. Is the zombie virus airborne? How can the newly dead transform into zombies? Can the zombie virus remain dormant in living humans up until their death? The brain is a key component to the zombie virus and zombie transformation.

The season finale will shed light on the zombie virus. Daryl and Glenn also learned that Randall changed into a zombie even though he has no bite marks or scratches. Shane broke the young kid's neck. The zombie virus is related to the living possibly carrying the virus in their living form.

When the living die, the zombie virus mutates in their brain. The zombie virus is transfered via bite, blood and through death. Maybe the living world in the zombie apocalypse is doomed. The surviving humans don't realize their future is dark.

Shane dies in episode 212. He takes Randall out into the forrest. Shane breaks his neck, and then makes up a false story about Randall escaping with his gun.

Shane and Rick go on a wild goose chase. Daryl and Glenn go into another direction to search for the fugitive. Randall almost kills Daryl and Glenn. They discover that Randall the zombie is unbitten and unscratched. Therefore, the zombie virus mutates somehow in the death state.

Shane lures Rick out into the forrest. Rick knows Shane is deceiving him. It is revealed Shane wants to kill Rick to take his place. Rick discovers that Shane wants to take care of Lori and Carl. Shane tells Rick he is too weak and doesn't know how to care for his wounded son. Rick's family needs a man like Shane to keep them safe.

Shane aims his gun at Rick. Rick slowly approaches Shane to give up his gun. He has a knife resting his back pocket. Rick warns Shane that you will not kill an unarmed man. He hands Shane his gun. Shane grabs Rick's gun, lowering his gun in the process.

Rick stabs Shane in the heart. Shane falls to the ground. Blood oozes out of his mouth. Rick shouts at Shane, telling him that you made me do this. He is emotional. His seems to almost lose his mind.

Carl shows up with a gun. Rick tries to explain the events to his son. Carl aims his gun at his father. Shane comes back to life as a zombie. Rick is unaware that Shane is pacing toward him. Carl shoots Shane dead.

The zombies in the forrest hear the gun shot. The zombie stampede are running in the background. Rick and Carl realize there are many zombies about to ambush them. The episode ends.

The season finale airs next week on Sunday March 18, 2012. Get ready for some major zombie action. Plan to watch a season finale that explains the zombie virus, the relocation to the prison, and to shed light on who will remain a part of the group.

We discovered the plot spoiler to the season 2 finale. Please beware you will be viewing a plot spoiler to The Walking Dead 213. We already viewed the plot spoiler, which (in our opinion) seems accurate and plausible. If you don't want curiosity to ruin your viewing experience, avoid clicking on the link below.

***Major spoilers revealed***


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