Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries plot spoiler

Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

Chernobyl Diaries is a current nuclear film out in movie theaters this weekend. It is a fiction film chronicling true events dating back to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster that resulted in abandoning the city of Prypiat in a matter of minutes. The Chernobyl Diaries plot spoiler is shown below. Avoid the spoiler if you haven't watched the movie yet.

***Movie Spoilers***

Four Americans, an Aussie couple, and a Russian tour guide form the movie cast. In the opening scene, we see Chris (Jesse McCartney), Natalie (Olivia Dudley) and Amanda (Devin Kelley) travel across Europe. They begin their European travel in London, go to Paris, visit Rome, and then settle in Russia with Chris's brother Paul (Jonathan Sadowski). Paul and Chris chat about Amanda and Natalie. 

Chris shares that he plans to propose to Natalie. Paul is surprised, happy for this younger brother. Although Paul is enjoying his life to the fullest with hot women, he is interested in hooking up with Amanda. Chris gives his brother a thumbs down, telling him that Amanda is most likely not interested. 

Three Russian hoodlums try to give the group conflict. Paul speaks in Russian to the guys to back off. In a club, the friends have drinks and party the night way. However, the alcohol doesn't settle too well. The group find themselves in a diner in the morning. 

Paul shares that he ordered a special tour to Chernobyl. A past Russian soldier Uri (Dimitri Diatchenko) guides the four friends and a Aussie couple to Prypiat. On the way to the city, Russian soldiers turn away Uri and his tour group due to construction work. Uri refuses to give a refund, though Paul rejects the notion. Paul indicates he has already paid. 

Uri finds another back entrance into Prypiat. The surrounding region is deserted. It is obvious then that no life exists beyond a few random wildlife roaming the radioactive area. Uri stops to check the water. He tricks the group into thinking he is being attacked. A strange fish almost dead washed ashore snaps at the group. 

Uri drives the van to Prypiat. He claims the city is 100 percent deserted. Nature has taken its course to silence the surrounding area. Uri checks the radiation levels to make sure it is safe. The group ask Uri if the radiation can harm them. Nonetheless, Uri informs them that radiation levels are safe and that it takes prolonged exposure to experience harmful effects.   

The tourist picture-taking session is thus in effect. Uri escorts the Americans and Aussie couple into an abandoned building. The group take pictures of Reactor 4 that waits in the balance. 

Uri is asked whether it is safe to visit the reactors. He claims that you must have the right gear since the radiation levels are far too high and dangerous near the reactors. 

Uri leaves the room. He brushes aside warm burning twigs to hide the fact that there are unknown entities in the surrounding area. A loud commotion alert the group to leave quietly. All of a sudden, a large bear enters the building to alarm everyone. 

Paul is stoked, saying that where on Earth can you find a radioactive bear rushing toward you. Back at the car, the panic begins to set in once Uri is unable to start the van. The wires seem to be cut, leaving the group stranded with no help from the outside. Uri tries to call for help with a radio. Nobody responds.

Meanwhile, ruckus inside the van reaches a high point. Paul is trying to diffuse the situation, asking Uri how to resolve the issue in hand. The group spend a night in Prypiat. Uri removes a gun from the glove compartment, scaring Natalie and Amanda in the process. Even Chris shows emotion in a trip gone wrong.  

Uri leaves the car to find help. Chris scolds his older brother, telling him he is as screwup for always ruining everything. He catches up to Uri. Natalie is frightened to watch her boyfriend leave her side. The group looks on in darkness. Gun fire lights up path. Paul rushes out of the van. Natalie is nervously anticipating Chris's return.

In the darkness, one person is guiding another injured person to the van. Chris is injured. He leg is mangled up. He is out of breath, in really bad pain. Chris claims there are many of them out there. The group begin to worry about Uri. They want to find Uri, but it is too dangerous to leave again. Chris is losing blood. Zoe supports Chris's head.

Natalie supports her boyfriend. Michael applies a tourniquet to Chris's leg. Paul is upset. The six remaining survivors call out on radio again. Nobody is around to help them. A wild vicious dog jumps at the window, shaking the van in the process.

In the morning, Paul, Michael, and Amanda explore Uri's whereabouts. They hope to find the person who can help them escape Prypiat. Paul speaks on the radio. Amanda hears an echo. Uri's radio is abandoned on. A blood trail guides Michael, Amanda and Paul into a building. Uri's remaining body parts are found. Paul removes the radiation meter from Uri's pocket.

An unexpected entity storms the room. Paul and Michael rush out. However, Amanda falls behind. She hides behind a prepping station. The creature begins to rip out Uri's flesh, enjoying a human meal. Amanda is frightened, but tries to remain calm.

Paul peaks inside. He alerts Amanda to run. In an instant, Amanda races lunges for the door. The creature goes after her, but she makes it safely on the other side of the door. Paul and Michael push a large item against the door. The creature on the other side is strong, pounding on the door a super powerful bear.

Paul, Michael, Zoe and Amanda decide to search outside. Chris is too heavy to carry. Chris forgives his brother. Natalie stays behind to watch her boyfriend. Paul and Zoe try to separate from the group, wanting to hike toward the perimeter to get help. Paul and Amanda talk them into helping.

Dogs begin to eat a human limb. The group quietly run toward to the trees. In an abandoned station, old cars and a bus provide hope that another distributor wire will be found to repair the van.

Paul notices a bus with bullet holes coming from the interior. He rips through the barrier to make his way into the bus. Amanda protests entering the bus, but she follows behind Paul.

Paul confirms the bullet holes are from inside. He goes toward the back of the bus. In suspense, Paul finds a gun and a bloody soldier rag. Michael alerts the two. Paul and Amanda rush out to Zoe and Michael. Michael believes the wires are from the same exact van.

Wild dogs approach the junkyard. The group runs as quickly as they can, though the dogs are gaining on them. The group turn to broken bridge. They begin to cross the river. Paul and Amanda make it across safely.  The hungry dogs look on.

Zoe walks carefully across the broken wooden bridge. Michael follows closely behind. Zoe. Zoe plants her leg through the bridge, falling into the water. Michael attempts to save her. Zoe is helped. Michael is pulled into the water. It appears that something latched onto his leg from underneath. Paul rescues Michael.

Michael has lacerations on his leg. His leg is in good enough shape to make the trip back to the van. While in the street, the group begin to discuss an Urban Legend about Chernobyl. An unknown entity walks across the street.

In the aftermath, the group find car debris spread out. On the digital camera, the group see an ill Chris propose to Natalie. He tells his love that he was waiting to do this in Moscow. However, the right time is now to propose. An emotional Natalie tells Chris to wait until Moscow. All of a sudden, the van is rammed and turns over many times. Natalie and Chris go missing.

Paul is clearly upset. They enter the building. A dead soldier is hanging upside down. Natalie is found. She is crying. Paul asks where is Chris. Natalie is too upset to give a answer of Chris's whereabouts.

The group enter an outer courtyard. Natalie sits on the ground next to a stairwell. A little girl appears out of nowhere. Paul and the group slowly approach the girl. A dark shadow is walking up the stairs toward Natalie.

Close to confronting the girl, Natalie screams. The group frantically turn away to Natalie's last location. She is gone. Somehow, the little girl disappears as well.

Paul, Amanda, Zoe, and Michael search around for Natalie. She is nowhere to be found. They make a valid attempt to find Natalie. It is too dangerous. Unknown creatures begin to approach them. Paul shoots at them. The bullets are not strong enough to sway the creatures.

Michael smashes a lock. The creatures quickly approach. The lock finally breaks. We see many creatures. The group enter inside. They try to secure the door, but the creatures are too strong.

On toward the bottom, a moving section traps Paul with the creatures. He is dead. Zoe cries. Paul and Amanda life her up to escape. Zoe lags behind because Michael is gone.

Underneath the ground, the three remaining survivors are helpless. Zombies storm the lower area. Amanda climbs up. Paul is second up the ladder. He tries to help boost Zoe up. Zombie grab her leg. Paul loses hold of Zoe and she falls into the zombie pit. Zoe is now dead.

Paul and Amanda remaining survivors stumble on the diamond solitaire that Chris gives Natalie. Natalie is discovered to be dead. Amanda holds her, crying in the process (may be Zoe - please leave comment to let us know). Paul pulls her up.

Two zombies attack Paul and Amanda. They look to be defeated; however, Amanda beats one of the zombies to death. She helps rescue Paul (this may be out of plot sequence).

Paul and Amanda enter inside Reactor #4. Paul begins to complain his eyes are burning. The radiation meter makes an alarming noise to alert the two of a high radioactive levels. Amanda and Paul's facial skin begins to burn. They are exposed to fatal radiation levels.

On the outside, Russian soldiers approach. They warn Paul to stand down. Paul begs the soldiers to help them. He approaches, failing to stop in his tracks. The soldiers fire upon Paul to shoot him dead. Amanda falls on the group next to Paul's deceased body.

Amanda opens her eyes to voices. It is hazy. She overhears the physicians and or scientists speak in Russian. They note that she was found at Reactor #4. Amanda complains of her burned skin and eyes. The physicians discuss the other Americans are dead. They ask Amanda is anyone knows she is at Chernobyl. She says no.

The scientists unstrap Amanda. They open up a door we commonly see in mental asylums. She tries to fight  back, but is thrown into a dark room. They lock the door. Amanda calls out if anyone is there to help her. All of a sudden, zombies begin to surround her. She is dead. The Chernobyl conspiracy lives on.

The End.

***Some plot points may be out of sequence due to watching the movie only once. If you see anything out of sequence, please let us know. Thank you.***


  1. The described plot is out of sequence because you are stupid and has no bearing on the number of times the movie has been viewed.

    1. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Your comment doesn't even make any sense.

  2. what is the conspiracy?

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