Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises review

The Dark Knight Rises is due out this Friday July 20, 2012. Movie fans are probably lining up to get bragging rights for watching the Batman movie first. Whereas we haven't watched The Dark Knight Rises movie yet, the following movie review includes the key plot points to enhance your viewing experience.

The Dark Knight Rises introduces Batman fans to Bane. He is a vicious masked villain whose capable of fighting toe to toe with the great Batman. Problem is that Bruce Wayne has allowed himself to spiral downward. His public image is taking a toll on his former status as the charming Bruce Wayne and the dark mysterious Batman.

Heath Ledger's Joker disappearance in the Batman franchise remains heartfelt to many moviegoers enjoying his Academy Award winning performance in The Dark Knight. Bane engages in enough mischief to keep Batman fans involved in the summer blockbuster event. We can tell you that Batman and Bane get into a classic showdown.

Maybe Magic Mike's movie tagline "Work all Day. Work it all night" should be reserved for The Dark Knight. The new Batman is no longer a worthy protector of Gothmam City. Wayne must regain his stature to reclaim his throne. The Dark Knight Rises has all the ingredients to make this superhero movie another major blockbuster for Warner Bros.

The box office projections are expected to reach $195 million in the opening weekend and nearly $600 million in total domestic ticket sales. Expect The Dark Knight Rises movie box office results to claim a large piece of the New York cheesecake. Beyond The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises is an epic battle between good and evil.

Go out an watch The Dark Knight Rise this Thursday night, and then come back here to discuss the movie. According to many Batman fans, this may be Christian Bale's last Batman role. It is possible Chris Nolan will move on to his future movie projects. Take part in The Dark Knight Rises, where "The Legend Ends".

If you want to read a quality The Dark Knight Rises movie review with minor spoilers, visit the following BoxOffice website link:

***Spoiler Alert***

We changed our opinion on The Dark Knight Rises ending after carefully evaluating the facts. Please check out: 

The Dark Knight Rises review

The Dark Knight Rises movie tagline

***Spoiler Alert***

Updated: We just prepared The Dark Knight Rises twist ending, The Dark Knight Rises ending, and must write the plot spoiler again since our PC is not a quality system to remain operable after we worked on the spoiler for three hours. Will have to write the plot spoiler again. Check out the TDKR spoilers below:

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