Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Woman in Black plot spoiler

***Movie Spoiler***

The Woman in Black (Jennet)

The Woman in Black is Daniel Radcliffe's first movie post Harry Potter movie. The time period is set in the late 1800's England - Victorian era. The Woman in Black movie looks into the malevolent ghost terrorizing a small town. Daniel Radcliffe plays a young lawyer (Arthur Kipps) who lost his wife due to childbirth trauma. He is a single father raising his little son Joseph Kipps (Misha Handley). Arthur is hired to review paperwork in an estate in Northern England, a small town in which the woman in black places a curse.

In the opening scene, three girls play tea party. They are enjoying the kid games. Without warning, the children standup and step on their tea kettle and tea cups. The woman in black influences the young children to jump on the second floor to their death. A woman screams aloud.

A beautiful woman moves around in the frame. Arthur is imagining his wife. He holds a sharp blade up to his neck. We can see he is distraught. Arthur hugs his son. He views his son's drawing of their plans for Friday. Arthur tells his son he will return on Friday. The housemaid will watch Joseph.

Arthur meets Mr. Daily on the train. He has little dog sitting next to him. Arthur and Mr. Daily have a conversation about his job and the trip. Mr. Daily offers to drive Arthur to the cottage.

The rain pours down. Mr. Daily is one of the very few to own a vehicle in the town. He drops Arthur off at the cottage. Mr. Daily invited Arthur to have lunch at his home. Arthur confirms the invitation, and then thanks Mr. Daily.

The first plot point that reveals a clue is the when a front desk man turns Arthur away to stay in a room even though he has reservations. Arthur represents a threat to the town. Another woman refuses to let Arthur leave in the rain. The woman tells the man Arthur will be stay in the attic.

The attic is the exact room where the three young children commit suicide. Strange sounds surface. The woman in black's spirit is present in the room.

The small town rejects Arthur because he is a threat. The carriage driver is told to take Arthur to the train station. Arthur pays the driver money to take him to the estate out in the marsh.

Arthur reviews the paperwork. He reads the cards. He finds the home rather creepy. A woman in black is present outside. She then disappears. Arthur sees random shadows and hears noises. He walks through  a thick fog outside, noticing a crashed carriage on the side of the road. Out of nowhere, the carriage driver frightens Arthur.

The carriage takes Arthur back to the small town. Arthur visits the town police station. Two children enter the station with a lethargic girl. She is obviously sick. The kids reveal she swallowed some poison. She vomits out blood. Arthur calls out for help.

The young girl dies. The father and mother are emotionally shaken. Arthur doesn't know what to say regarding the little girl's death. The town view Arthur as the bad guy, the man whose presence reenergized curse.

Arthur joins the Daily family for lunch. Mr. Daily warns Arthur to avoid talking about children. Mr Daily lost his young child in a drowning accident. Mrs. Daily is a pleasant woman. She holds clairvoyant abilities, carving an image on the table. The carved image is of an woman with a noose around her neck.

Mr. Daily drives Arthur back to the town. The town residents refuse to let Arthur and Mr. Daily pass through the street. Mr. Daily tricks the residents. He drives Arthur to the home. On the drive through the marsh, Mr. Daily tells Arthur to avoid chasing shadows. He approaches the gates. Mr. Daily loans Arthur his dog for the night.

Arthur experiences a frightening night. The woman in black makes herself known. Arthur can't tell what is real is what is his imagination. The dog barks at air. Freaky noises sweep the home. Mr. Daily shows up at the right time to calm Arthur.

While approaching the town, Mr. Daily and Arthur notice a home is burning. The town's people are comforting the parents. Arthur frantically rushes into the home. Burning wood falls down.

A young girl stands in an area surrounded with fire. Arthur tells the girl he will save her. In the corner, Arthur notices the woman in black. The girl throws down a lantern to catch herself on fire. She burns to ash. Arthur races outside to escape the burning ash. The parents realize their young daughter is no more.

Mrs. Daily stands outside of her son Nicholas's grave. She speaks to Arthur with an out of body tone, more so like a psychic warning another through a spirit. Mr. Daily arrives just in time to comfort his ailing wife. Arthur makes the connection between the woman in black and her son. It is then that Arthur establishes that his son may be in danger.

Arthur and Mr. Daily rush to the ton to warn his nanny to not make the train trip. It is too late to warn them, as the nearest telegram is out of their reach. Arthur decides to find the woman in black's son. He previously died in a carriage accident near the marsh. The mud possible preserved his body enough to deliver the remains to the woman in black's home.

Arthur ties a noose around his waist. The other side of the rope is connected to Mr. Daily's bumper. Arthur slowly eases forward into the thick mud. He submerges his body, which  Mr. Daily is worried his friend is trapped underneath. In nick of time, Arthur reaches the surface safely. He connected the rope to the carriage.

Mr. Daily puts his vehicle in reverse. He attempts to pull the carriage out of the mud. The weight of the carriage begins to strain the transmission and overheat the engine. Moments before the carriage sinks, Arthur saves the remains of the woman in black's son.

Mr. Daily and Arthur race to the woman in black's estate. Arthur tells Mr. Daily to remain downstairs while he prepares the son to reunite with his mother. Mr. Daily is not superstitious. He refuses to believe in ghosts and goblins. On this very night, Mr. Daily becomes a believer.

Arthur rests the son's remains on his bed. He winds up the freaky toys. Downstairs, Mr. Daily sees a boy who resembles his son Nicholas. He calls out his name out NICHOLAS, is that you? Mr. Daily draws closer to Nicholas's supernatural entity. During his investigation, the door locks and traps him.

Arthur watches the toys and wind chime liven the room. The woman in black's presence darkens the hallway.     She zips into the dark room to scoop up her son, with a loud shriek saying "you're not my mother".

The toys and wind chime quiet down. It appears reuniting the woman in black with her son ends the curse. Mr. Daily is released from the locked room.

At the train station, Arthur and Mr. Daily wait for the nanny and little Joseph. Joseph is happy to see his father. Joseph meets Mr. Daily.

Meanwhile, a moving force travels down the hallway in the woman in black's estate. An evil voice echoes, "never forgive" a few times.

Again at the train station, a light wind with an invisible presence is felt. Joseph turns his head, slowing releasing his father's hand. He slowly walks toward the train tracks.

Mr. Daily requests Arthur and his family to stay at his residence. Arthur declines the invitation, though he thanks Mr. Daily for his hospitality. Arthur is grateful to have Mr. Daily as a friend.

Little Joseph is hypnotized, walking along the tracks with an oncoming train quickly approaching. Arthur realizes his son is in immediate danger. He races to the train tracks to rescue his son.

The train whips past Mr. Daily, projecting child spirits and the woman in black on the train's window. The deceased children surround the woman in black, something feeding her energy she possibly needs to travel between the two worlds. Mr. Daily and the nanny are in utter shock.

Arthur and Joseph survive the train. They look to the train station. It is dark and desolate. Joseph asks his father who the woman is. Arthur tells him it is his mother Joseph meets his mother for the first time. His cheesy smile widens, as he is happy his mother is with him.

The woman in black watches Arthur, Joseph and Stella walk down the train tracks to what we perceive as the gateway to Heaven. It is obvious the woman in black is tricking us to think she is moved to watch the women join together. She looks at us, hinting that we may be next.

The movie ends.



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