Friday, August 24, 2012

The Apparition plot spoiler

The Apparition is a supernatural thriller that attempts to scare moviegoers. We watched The Apparition at the first Friday morning showing.

The Apparition spoilers are ready to be served, so get ready supernatural movie fans. If you haven't watched The Apparition movie yet, then beware the spoilers follow below.

***Movie Spoiler***

In 1973, we see a group of parapsychologists perform a seance to summon a male spirit in a drawing. The group take a group photo, where the apparition is standing behind them. 

We leave the 1973 footage behind. In present time, college students perform an experiment to create an entity with their minds. Patrick (Tom Felton), Lydia (Julianna Guill), and Mike (Luke Pasqualino) focus their minds on a religious artifact referred to as Charles, a man who died in 1973.

Patrick, Lydia, and Mike channel their mind power on the artifact. Strong energy consumes the room, igniting a surge of electricity that splits the artifact into two. The scientific experiment is a success. However, Lydia is pulled up into the ceiling. We don't see the scene until Ben (Sebastian Stan) watches the footage while Kelly (Ashley Greene) is taking a shower. 

Kelly works in a veterinarian clinic in Santa Clarita. We go to Ben, who is working at a stereo/demo company that performs home installations. Ben and Kelly are a couple. They have lunch at a Mexican restaurant nearby Canyon Country, California. Kelly requests Ben to buy her a cactus plant at Costco. 

In Costco, Ben and kelly shop for a tent, the cactus tree and personal items. They drive to their home in Palmdale. The house is presumed to be haunted. Kelly is shocked to find that her 2-hour cactus plant is dead. 

Ben and Kelly play video games. We establish their relationship is healthy. Kelly wins the game. Ben retrieves a few beers from inside the refrigerator. He cleans off grime smeared on the countertop, asking Kelly if she burned something there. 

While the two sleep on the sofa, Kelly feels a light breeze tickling her face. The front and back doors are wide open. Kelly is frightened. Ben asked Kelly if she armed the alarm. She tells Ben he watched her setting the alarm. They call the security company to check the alarm system. Everything checks out just fine. 

Ben tells Kelly there are kids probably playing inside the new homes. It is a newly developed phase of homes.    Kelly indicates that she wants to change the locks. 

Ben assembles the video surveillance. Kelly compliments her boyfriend as being handy. They perform yard work. The neighbor's dog Pepper walks into their home. Kelly sits on Ben's chair facing forward. He attempts to unfasten her bra. However, Kelly sees Pepper inside their home. 

Pepper is very weak. The dog could barely move, as if some entity is consuming its life force. Kelly notices Pepper is barely breathing faint breaths. Mike (Rick Gomez) picks up his deceased dog at the local veterinarian clinic. Kelly apologizes to Mike for his loss. 

At home, Kelly finds the ground where Pepper died rotting. Ben climbs underneath the house foundation. He sees a shadow moving, though the apparition is not obvious. 

Kelly takes a shower. We her strip down to her underwear and bra. Meanwhile, Ben is reviewing several dozen e-mails his colleague Patrick left him. We learn then that Ben was part of the second experiment. He watches the new footage, which is Patrick's attempt to put the entity to rest. Ben withholds the secret to protect Kelly. 

Strange things begin to happen again. Kelly wants to leave her parent's home. Ben persuades Kelly to sleep inside the tent. Kelly accepts his invitation, albeit she is fearful. Ben inspects the home. 

An apparition, not seen on the surveillance camera, draws near Kelly, even watching her sleep. Ben returns to find the video equipment in shambles. 

The next day, Ben discovers the ceiling is growing mold. He pokes at the ceiling. The religious artifact from the college experiment falls out of the molded hole. Ben searches inside a secret chess. He reveals his connection to the scientific experiment. 

Ben leaves the home in his company car. The garage mysteriously opens again. Kelly gives the neighbor's daughter, Maggie (Anna Clark) another dog. She is excited to walk her new pet. Kelly shares with Mike that strange noises re being heard and mold is forming. 

Mike jokes about the construction, making the connection to both of them having an identical builder. Maggie plants her face against the window, telling Kelly her house killed her dog.  

Kelly finds the garage open. The chess is out in the open. She finds paranormal gear, pictures, and equipment. Kelly watches the original experiment tape. She learns of Ben's connection to the eerie events. Lydia was his girlfriend, who is the girl sucked into the ceiling. Kelly asks about Lydia, whether she is his previous girlfriend and if she will end up like her. 

Kelly tells Ben to leave. He agrees to depart the home. The apparition begins to appear. Kelly uses a heat sensor device, revealing the apparition in plain sight. Ben rescues Kelly. 

The couple stay at a local suite. Kelly is still mad about Ben withholding the truth. He sleeps on the sofa. Ben has an out of body experience, which we see his doppelganger on the ceiling looking downward at him. His astral double is pinned against the ceiling, almost as if he is experiencing sleep paralysis. 

The apparition enter underneath Kelly's covers. It attempts to choke the air out of her. Ben's astral double is watching from above, desperately trying to get free in time to save his girlfriend. He manages to break free of the OBE. He rips apart the sheet to release a frightened Kelly. Kelly hugs Ben to find solace. 

Ben and Kelly contact Patrick. The group view the power lines. Patrick admits to Ben and Kelley that their home is not haunted, it is their physical body that are compromised. The three plan to eliminate the apparition.

In the night, Patrick and Ben empower the power lines to increase the magnitude of energy. Kelly gets trapped inside a room, watching a female apparition crawl out of the dryer. They play the footage in reverse order, making a valid attempt to send back the apparition. 

The experiment appears successful. Patrick, Ben, and Kelly celebrate. Patrick drinks a beer. Ben and Kelly clean up the trash the apparition leaves behind. Without any notice, Patrick is sucked into the room behind him. He tries to hold the side door way, but Patrick loses the battle. 

Ben and Kelly search the home. They realize Patrick is gone. Ben and Kelly race out to Patrick's secret hideaway. We hear his voice recounting the previous experiment. He reveals the apparition's power, informing the audience the entity is from the ancient times.

Ben and Kelly enter a caged chamber to block brain waves. The entity plays with the human minds to manipulate reality. Kelly discovers that Ben is not inside the cage. She frantically searches around, finding Ben submerged into a mall with his mouth expanding. 

Kelly runs outside. The truck sinks into a pit of quicksand. She escapes the home, maneuvering through the woods. She pauses. The apparition jumps toward Kelly. We leave the scene. 

Kelly is seen on a hill. She looks worn out. Her face is scratched. We can see Costco from the distance. Kelly reaches Costco in the morning hours. She walks down the same aisle with the camping gear. Kelly enters a tent, obviously weakened from the apparition encounters. She zips up the tent. 

Kelly begins to show fear. Old hands wrap around Kelly body and face. The last hand comes from behind Kelly's head and body, smothering and killing Kelly. 

The movie ends. 



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