Friday, August 31, 2012

The Possession plot spoiler

The Possession movie opened today. It was a great exorcism movie with a twist. If you haven't watched The Possession, beware we are going to dish out The Possession plot spoiler below.

***Movie Spoiler***

An old woman refuses to open the Dibbuk box. The demon spirit within the demon box violently throws her across the dining room. Her face smashes against the glass table.

Clyde is a basketball coach. He has two daughters, Hannah and Emily. Stephanie is his ex-wife. She watches the trio leave her home.

In the morning, Emily asks her father to buy an antique wooden box. He does. Emily becomes infatuated with the wooden box. Clyde shares that whomever sealed the box doesn't want it to be opened. 

That same night, Emily is drawn to the box. She opens the box and puts a ring on. A moth, a tooth, and a figurine reside inside the box. 

Hannah tries to cheer up her younger sister. Emily indicates she is not herself. The weekend is a bust. Hannah and Emily return home. 

The next time the girls go back to their father's home, Em and Hannah have breakfast. Em begins to eat her pancakes too quickly. her left leg has an odd limp to it. It is very still. Hannah tries to tell her father about her dance competition. Em keeps eating the pancakes without chewing the food. Clyde yells at her to slow down again. Em vicious stabs her father's hand with a fork.  

At night, Hannah is brushing her teeth. A moth flies near her toothbrush. She discovers there are many moths flying around the bathroom. Hannah points to Em's room. Hundreds of mothers smother her. Clyde rescues his daughter. He calls the exterminator to fumigate his home. 

The demon spirit inside the box communicates with Em. Em becomes extremely possessive of her box. A male student takes her bag and removes the box. Em violently slaps the kid on his head. The teacher hold her back from destroying the boy. 

The parents are called into a private school conference. They note that Em has changed and is distancing herself away from her classmates. 

Miss Shandy is working late. The demon box makes strange noises. She opens the box. The demon spirit kills her. 

Clyde asks what happened at school for them to have a day off. He reveals to Em that her teacher died a violent death. Em shares that she needs the box, indicating her female friend talks with her. 

Clyde visits Professor McMannis. Professor M. tells him that this Jewish box is known as a Dibbuck box. It is an evil box that stores malevolent spirits. If a person believes in spirits, this box is said to possess a person who opened the box. The professor suggests to the coach to not open the box. 

Clyde dumps the box in a dumpster. A possessed Emily keeps bothering her father about the box. He tells her he disposed of the box. She becomes aggressive, telling her father that she hates him and mom doesn't love him. Clyde is deeply. He requests Emily to go into her room. 

The demon spirit slaps Emily a couple of times. Emily makes a scene to alert her sister. Hannah is mistaken that her father hit Emily. Emily runs out of the house. Clyde nervously searches for his daughter. 

Em is drawn to the demon box. She finds the Dibbuk box in the faraway dumpster. The female demon spirit tries to persuade her to punish her dad. She refuses to take action. The demon spirit takes full possession of Emily. Dozens of moths enter Em's mouth to complete the transformation. 

Clyde finds his daughter on the ground. The police are called to deal with the event. Stephanie and Hannah wait for Em to be returned. Clyde is viewed as a child abuser, which his visiting rights are revoked to keep him way from his daughters. 

Em stands in front of the mirror. She begins to gag. She shines a flashlight inside her mouth, noticing two fingers touch the back of her tongue. Em inspects her mouth again, but this time there is nothing.  

Clyde watches exorcism videos on the web. When Stephanie leaves, Clyde returns to his old home. He has an old Hebrew Bible with him. 

Hannah tells Clyde that Em stayed home from school. He approaches Em, asking who the entity is that has his daughter. He reads the Bible verses. The possessed Em turns to her father. Pages begin to turn. 

Clyde keeps reading the passage. The evil spirit within Em throws the Bible across the room. Stephanie finds Clyde inside Em's room. She tells him to leave. 
At night, Stephanie discovers the refrigerator open. Food is tossed across the ground. Em is eating raw meat. She attempts to hide. Stephanie is frightened to see Em toss glass on the ground. Stephanie steps on the broken glass. We see Em's demon spirit through the glass. Em is close to killing her mother, but she retracts to return back to herself. 

Brett tells Stephanie he scheduled a mental health evaluation. Em senses Brett's plan, so she confronts him with her demon powers. A strong wind blows the tress. Em looks evil. She stands there, causing Brett's teeth to bleed. He begins to pull out his teeth. Brett jumps into his car and leaves as quickly as he can. 

Em has a seizure. Hannah is frightened. Meanwhile, Clyde drives to New York City to seek help. Tzadock leads Clyde to his father. The Jewish group are afraid of the demon box. They don't want to be associated with this evil demon box. 

Clyde begs the elder Jewish man to help. He refuses to take part, telling Clyde that it's the will of God to deal with the possession. However, Tzadok offers to help a human in danger. He is obligated to help. Clyde and Tzadok return back to his daughter. 

Meanwhile, Em is having an MRI performed to evaluate her nerves. Stephanie notices a demon entity inside her daughter. She is frightened. Lights begin to flicker on and off. Out of fear, Stephanie hugs her daughter. 

In a room, Clyde enters to see his family. Stephanie, Hannah, and Em are happy to see him. Tzadok enters the room, feeling the demon sprit does not want him to be there. They need a more private room to conduct the Jewish exorcism. 

Clyde recommends a physical therapy room his players use. Tzadok instructs the family to put personal possessions of theirs inside the box. Hannah cuts off a lock of her hair. Clyde puts his a necklace with his wedding bank in the box. Stephanie puts a personal possession in the demon box. 

Tzadok performs the exorcism. He chants and recite a Hebrew scripture. Em becomes uneasy. The water begins to rise up. Em's face transforms into the evil demon. Her eyes change colors. Em fights the exorcism prayer. She hops on Tzadok and chokes his throat. Em pushes Clyde and Stephanie back. 

Em squats down. Her possession is almost complete. She runs out of the physical therapy room. Clyde chases after his daughter. He enters a morgue room, using her cellular as light. 

Dead bodies populate the gurney beds. He finds Em pinned up against the wall. Em keeps repeating the same verse. She says it in her voice, but mocking it as a demon. Clyde asks the demon spirit to take him instead.  

The female demon spirit has a hold on Em's physical body. The cell light goes out. Em jumps on Clyde.  

Stephanie, Tzadok, and Hannah find Clyde and Em hugging on the floor of another room. Stephanie and Hannah join Clyde and Em for a family hug. 

Tzadok senses there is something wrong. It is too peaceful. He begins to recite the verses and chant again. Clyde's leg is positioned the same way as Em's in the pancake scene. Clyde is possessed, taking possession of the demon spirit.  

Tzadok performs the exorcism. The lights flicker again. Clyde is thrown against the wall. The demon spirit crawls out of Clyde's mouth. It returns back to the box. A ring falls to the ground. Tazadok picks up the ring. He covers the demon box with a white Jewish linen piece. 

Clyde opens up the refrigerator door. Stephanie surveys him. The two of them have moment sharing a hug to reflect on their past marriage. Clyde begins to cough, which frightens Stephanie. Since she connects it to the demon spirit that expelled out of his mouth, the fear of the possession and demon spirit scare her. 

Tzadok calls Clyde. He wants to return the car. The demon box is sitting on the passenger seat. We sense something is wrong with the movie ending. An obvious twist ending is near. Tzadok continues driving down teh reisdential street, where a truck plows into the BMW to crush the vehicle into pieces.

Bystanders approach the accident. They try to open the door. The car accident is major. Offscreen, we hear voices that we know is the demon box. The demon box is fully intact. It is resting next to the car debris. 

The twist ending is that Tzabok forgot to put the ring inside the Dibbuck box. Therefore, the Jewish exorcism is unfinished and thus causes his demise. The demon box leaves a shocking ending open. We may see a sequel to The Possession. 

The End


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