Saturday, September 22, 2012

House at the End of the Street plot spoiler

House at the End of the Street is a psychological thriller movie released this weekend. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a young high school girl who moves to a new town with her mother. They move next door to a house where a young girl murdered both of their parents. The thriller movie begins slow, but builds up suspense in the end.

House at the End of the Street plot spoiler will follow below. If you haven't watched the movie yet, beware the plot spoiler will serve up movie spoilers.

***Movie Spoiler***

A young girl Carrie Anne leaves her bedroom. She walks into the hallway with a light post. The mother hears a ruckus. She wakes up. The mother walks into the hallway to find Carrie Anne standing there. She bends down toward the ground. Carrie Anne smashes her face with a hammer. 

The commotion awakens the father. He looks at the door. Carrie Anne opens the door. She runs toward the father, jumping on the bed to butcher him. Shreds of pillow feathers rain down on the ground. 

Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) move into a nearby home. The leaser shows Elissa and Sarah around their rental home. He tells them about the murders committed in the home across the way. 

The murders caused the property values to plummet. Elissa walks into the woods. We sense someone is watching her from behind the trees. At 3:04 am in the morning, Elissa notices the lights turn on nearby residence. It is revealed that Ryan, the surviving son, lives in the house. 

Elissa hangs out at the local pool. She meets a teenage boy named Tyler (Nolan Gerald Funk) Tyler attempts to woo Elissa. She shares that she is from Chicago. 

Sarah is working as an attending physician in the nearby hospital. Tyler recognizes Elissa, approaching the attractive 17-year old girl. He asks what she is doing later in the evening. Elissa shares she is going with her mother to have dinner and a movie. 

Sarah speaks to her daughter Elissa on the phone. She tells Elissa she can't make the movie since the hospital is requesting her to work late and that she needs to accept since it is her first day at work. Elissa tells her mother that Tyler asked her to attend a volunteer project. 

Elissa goes with Tyler to his home. A few dozen high schoolers are playing cards. Elissa claims, so this is a volunteer project. Tyler mentions they raise money and use the gathering as volunteer credits. 

Elissa walks into the bedroom to use the bathroom. A young teenage girl Jillian (Allie MacDonald) appears to be sick from over drinking. She is lying on the bed, unable to keep awake. 

Elissa retrieves a blanket to cover up Allie. However, Allie rushes to the restroom to vomit again. Elissa utters that now she has to wait to use the bathroom to pee. 

Tyler enters the room. He is obviously drunk. Tyler attempts to seduce Elissa. She rejects Tyler, telling him you are drunk and to stop. Tyler is forceful, so Elissa leaves the party. 

Elissa walks along the road. A car drives past her, and then stops. Ryan (Max Thieriot) offers to give Elissa a ride home. He mentions to Elissa that he noticed they moved into the house next to his. He welcomed Elissa to the neighborhood. Elissa declines the ride invitation. She indicates that her mother will pick her up. 

Ryan drives ahead. The rain begins to pour down. Elissa walks faster, noticing the rain is drenching her. Ryan stops and waits. He gives Elissa a lift back to her house Ryan seems respectful and nice to Elissa. 

Elissa thanks Ryan for the ride. Ryan tells Elissa he enjoys her singing. He can hear her from his home. She is amazed that another person enjoys her music. 

Sarah asks whether Tyler drove her home. She shares that Ryan, the next door neighbor, drove her home. Sara appears unsettled that her daughter is making contact with Ryan. 

Ryan fixes a tray of food. He enters the lower basement level. Ryan carries the food all the way to a distant room. He retrieves the key resting on the door seal. Inside the secret room, a girl attacks Ryan and knocks the food tray on the ground. 

Ryan restrains and sedates his sister Carrie Anne. He calms Carrie down. Ryan cleans up the noodles from the ground. He is saddened that his sister is suffering.       

The next day at school, Elissa sees Tyler sitting at a table. She avoids him to sit with Allie. Tyler gets mad and leaves the cafeteria, calling Elissa a bitch under his breath. 

Sarah asks Officer Weaver (Gil Bellows) about Ryan. Weaver tells the story of Ryan's tough childhood after his parents were murdered. Ryan was sent off to stay with another family member up until their death. Sarah learns that maybe Ryan is a good guy. Weaver has good words to say about Ryan.  

Elissa meets Allie's brother and friend. They are also musicians like herself. She agrees to meet up with the band to play music. 

Elissa visits Ryan as his home. She gives him a personal tape of her music. Elissa act nosy surveying Ryan's home. She walks in all the rooms, even Carrie Anne's room. Ryan shares the story about his sister's accident on the swings. Carrie Anne suffered from a head injury. 

Elissa apologizes to Ryan for invading his privacy, for going into Carrie Anne's room without respecting the boundaries. Ryan has no problems with Elissa entering the room.  

In the night, Ryan is working on his laptop. Carrie escapes outside. She runs out in the open. Elissa doesn't see Carrie running outside. Ryan runs after Carrie. Elissa hears the door lever move. She walks up to the door and opens it. Allie startles Elissa. Underneath the home, Ryan holds Carrie's mouth shut to quiet her down.  

Elissa plays for the band. They're surprised that her singing is great, shocking Allie, the brother and friend. 

Sarah is chopping vegetables. Elissa asks about the special occasion. The doorbell rings. Elissa watches from above the stairs. Sarah answers the door. Ryan is dressed up casually. Apparently, Sarah invited Ryan to break the ice and to get acquainted with him as their next door neighbor.

Sarah keeps drinking wine. She may as well down the entire bottle. Elissa is preparing for her mom to make a crude remark. Ryan is being respectful. 

Sarah questions how Ryan is able to afford the home. It must be expensive to pay the bills. Elissa is embarrassed that her mother is prying into Ryan's personal matters. She tells Ryan he doesn't have to answer the question. 

Ryan claimed his parents inherited the house and money, which he was entitled to get after they died. Whereas the money is not a lot, he has enough to cover the expenses. 

Ryan thanks Sarah for dinner. He appreciates her hospitality. Sarah offers dessert. She disappears for a few minutes. Elissa reaches over to caress Ryan's hand. Sarah returns in fury. She lectures Ryan, dropping the hammer down on her daughter and him. She never wants them to be alone. Sarah reiterates she wants Ryan to show her respect because her daughter is in high school and he is in college. 

Ryan excuses himself. He thanks Sarah for her kindness. Elissa tries to stop Ryan from leaving. Ryan think it is best to go, though he is thankful that Sarah and her accept him. Most of the neighbors and town's people are crude toward him. 

Elissa has a fight with her mom, telling her that she was rude. Sarah doesn't think she was too hard on Ryan. She claims she wants what is best for Elissa. However, Elissa leaves and says that just because her mother is a slut in high school does mean she will act the same. 

The next day, Ryan is waiting near the school. Alissa and Allie approach him. Allie appears reluctant to advance forward as if she can see through Ryan. Alissa introduces Ryan to Allie. She asks if Ryan can give them a ride. Ryan mentions her mother's request. She disregards the alone topic. 

Ryan drops Allie off at her home. Elissa says bye to Allie. Ryan reminds Elissa of her mother's wish of them to not be alone together. Elissa forward all calls to her cell phone. Sarah calls to tell Elissa she has to work late. She asks whether Elissa will be okay.   

Ryan and Allie go to a relative's home. They walk out into the woods. Ryan stares at a tree. Elissa is interested in what Ryan sees. Ryan tells Elissa to look closer, as she can see the secrets - the face embedded into the tree. She claims she does see the face. 

Elissa and Ryan sit next to one another. They share a kiss. Elissa stands up. They both leave while holding hands. Elissa and Ryan make out on the sofa. Meanwhile, Carrie is making another great escape. She pushes the tray underneath the door. Then, she hits the door to create movement. The door key falls down. 

Elissa and Ryan continue to kiss. Their making out session is growing hot and heavy. Carrie opens the door. Her vision is blurry. She walks down the underground hallway.

Elissa leaves Ryan alone for a second. She enters the bathroom. Carrie grabs a knife. She hides behind a partition. Ryan notices Carrie is free again. He yells at Elissa to leave immediately. She walks down the stairs crying. Elissa never sees Carrie. Ryan acts quick enough to keep his sister secret. 

Elissa talks to Allie regarding the Ryan incident. She is confused. One minute Ryan and her are having fun, and then the next he is going ballistic. 

Sarah comes home from work. She tries to have a talk with her daughter. She knows she is upset about something. Sarah asks Elissa to share her personal experiences with her. An upset Elissa agrees to have future talks with her mother. Sarah leaves a present with makeup next to her. Elissa is trying to make sense out of the Ryan's fuming incident.

Carrie escapes from home again. A couple are making out in the car. The girl thinks she sees another person running outside. Thus, the boyfriend leaves the car to confront the people. 

Ryan is covering Carrie's mouth. The boyfriend keeps calling out. Ryan accidentally snaps Carrie's neck. He is in shock that his sister is dead. 

Ryan carries Carrie back home. He places her dead body inside the trunk. Ryan is obviously emotional that his recklessness killed his beloved Carrie. He drives out near a swampy area. He unloads the body and dumps it into the water.

In a local cafe, a Penn State college girl is serving Ryan. He is quiet. She wants to get his attention. The server gives Ryan a piece of pie on the house. She attempts to butter him up with adding a glass of milk. Ryan finally cracks with a smile and speaks. He also surveys the girl as if he is sizing her up to carry out a plan.   

Elissa is hanging out at Allie's home. She accepts a call from a distraught Ryan who claims she needs to see her right away. She doesn't understand what happened the previous night. He promises to tell her what is going on with him. He eyes tear up. 

Ryan shows up at the music performance. Tyler and his crew harass Ryan, saying he is the one that is sleeping with the easy slut. Ryan ignores them. He knocks on Elissa's door. Elissa answers the door. She is looking dynamite with makeup on and her hair fixed up. Allie's brother rushes to tell Ryan they're smashing up his car. Tyler is standing on the hood. He is smashing the windows out. 

Ryan rushes to the car. Tyler's friends kick him to the ground, They start kicking him. Elissa is watching Ryan getting beaten up. Tyler kicks Ryan a few times. Then, Ryan grabs a hold of Tyler's leg and snaps it like a twig. He falls to the ground in severe pain. His friends back away, but continue to be vocal. 

Ryan runs down the alley way. Elissa picks up the car keys and drives Ryan's car to his house. Tyler's friends throw a fiery cocktai inside a broken window. Luckily, Elissa stops the fire in time to save the home. She uses her coat to put out the flames. Elissa rinses the curtains in the sink. 

Sarah calls Elissa to let her know that Tyler was admitted with a broken leg. She wants to know if she is home. Elissa claims she is home. She says you can call me back right now. 

Elissa finds a tampon box in the garbage can. She investigates further until she finds the private room far below the basement. Ryan enters the room with Carrie Anne. He yells at Elissa to leave again  Elissa departs the room. She doesn't know what is going on. 

In the kitchen, Elissa looks into the garbage can. She notices a used blue contact and a box of Acuvue contacts as well. She looks at the child drawing on the refrigerator to find Carrie Anne with blue eyes. 

Elissa finds a female wallet. She looks inside the wallet. Elissa finds a Penn State student ID card with a brunette female student, the same exact girl who served Ryan at the diner. Ryan enters the space. He requests Elissa to not tell anyone she saw Carrie Anne. He repeats himself. Elissa hands over the wallet to Ryan. 

Elissa informs Ryan that her mother is calling. He attempts to leave, but Ryan smashes her head against the door to knock her out. Elissa's cellular rests next to the door corner. Ryan doesn't see the phone. 

Sarah is beginning to get worried. She calls Weaver to check in out her daughter. Sarah informs Weaver that her daughter has been forwarding all the home calls to her cell phone. He agrees to help.   

Elissa awakens in the underground room. Her wrists and legs are tied to a chair. She sees the female college student in a daze, all drugged up and out of it. Ryan tells Elissa that needs Carrie Anne. He admits that Carrie Anne died that die on the swings and he was punished. Alissa realizes then that Ryan killed his parents. 

Ryan removes the college girl from the room. Elissa begs Ryan to let her go. Ryan leaves Elissa trapped inside the basement room.  

Weaver is on his way to Ryan's home. He knocks on the door. Ryan answers. Weaver asks Ryan whether he has seen Elissa tonight. Ryan claims he hasn't see her since her music gig. Weaver mentions the incident that left Tyler with a broken leg. Ryan said he had to fight back. Weaver requests Ryan to give a statement at the police station tomorrow. Ryan agrees to visit the police station.  

On the way out, Weaver sees a female waller on the countertop. He dials Sara's home number on the phone. The phone rings inside Ryan's house. Ryan knows Weaver hears the phone ringing. Ryan shut off the power switch to darken the surrounding area. Weaver tries to work his flashlight. However, the flashlight keeps flickering. He pulls out his gun and enters the home slowly. He is breathing faster than usual. 

Meanwhile, Elissa is fumbling around with the restraints. She tips the lamp on her arm, The hot bulb heat singes the restraints,m albeit it's also burning Elissa's skin. 

Weaver walks down near the basement door. Ryan pushes him down. He tumbles down the stairs and injures himself. Ryan advances toward Weaver. Weaver tells Ryan how could he do this because he protected him. He is wincing in pain. Ryan stabs Weaver in the abdomen, killing him in the process. 

Elissa escapes the restraints. She rushes outside of the room. She has no way of escaping the house. Elissa finds Weaver dead. She tries to start the car; however, the keys are nowhere to be found. Elissa notices chloroform next to the driver seat. All of sudden, Ryan places a rag over her mouth to know her out. 

Ryan places Elissa inside the car trunk. She awakens to discover the female Penn State college student dead. She begins to panic, but then calms herself. 

Sarah knocks on Ryan's house door. He answers the door. Elissa hears the mom calling out for her. Ryan denies that she is inside the home. Elissa kicks on the backseat to push the cushion inward. 

Sarah barges into the home. She calls out for Elissa. Ryan follows Sarah. Once Sara reaches the basement door, she turns around to find Ryan sticking her in the abdomen with a screwdriver. 

Sarah is pushed down the stairs. Elissa is trying to remain hidden, holding back any noise to alert Ryan. Sarah lies motionless on the cold ground floor. Ryan picks Sarah up. Elissa is frightened and worried. 

Ryan lugs Sarah over his shoulder. He walks toward the door. Broken glass fragments are scattered on the ground. Ryan drops Sarah. He investigates the broken window and the hammer. He grabs a knife and goes after Elissa. She tries to crawl away from Ryan. Ryan closes in on her. Elissa kicks Ryan on his jaw. 

As quickly as she can, she rushes to Weaver to retrieve his gun. She fires two shots at Ryan, missing both times. Ryan pulls the level down to turn off the power. 

Elissa frantically tries to get the flashlight working. The flashlight flickers on and off. It is pitch black. Elissa fianlly turns on the light, seeing Ryan advancing to her with a knife in hand. She shoots him several times. He drops to the ground. 

Elissa approaches Ryan. She searches his pockets for the car keys. Ryan grabs her arm. Elissa fights him. Sara swings a mallet at his head to knock Ryan out cold. He is obviously dead. 

We see Sarah packing the remaining contents in the truck. Elissa is staring at the tree. She seems focused on the tree that Ryan shared that contained secrets and a smiling face. Elissa asks her mom what she sees. Sarah claims she only sees a tree. Elissa agrees and accepts it is only a tree. She probably feels fooled that she believed Ryan was sincere and the perfect guy for her. 

In a mental institute, we enter a room to see that Ryan is now a committed patient. He sits in a chair with a table in front of him. In a flashback scene, a mother gives Carrie Anne a cake. She mentions the cake is for Carrie Anne. Carrie Anne whines and says I'm Ryan. The mother tells him to shut up, slap him and says you're Carrie Anne. 

The End


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