Saturday, September 8, 2012

Knowing plot spoiler

*******Movie Spoiler******

In Lexington, Massachusetts in 1959, a school holds a contest to honor their opening. The teacher instructs a classroom of children to draw a picture of what they think the distant future will look like. A spooky classmate, a young girl named Lucinda Embry, won the creative contest, which was to have each student draw the future and to seal the contents into a time capsule for 50 years. While the teacher collects the drawings, Lucinda goes berserk in writing a series of numbers.

During the time capsule ceremony, Lucinda observes the ceremony, holding a red balloon. The teacher notices the balloon taking off in the sky. She immediately looks for the whereabouts of Lucinda. The teacher finds Lucinda behind the gym door, holding her bloody finger tips up like a clawing cat. Next to her is a row of mysterious numbers.

In 2009, 50 years later, John Koestler - an MIT astrophysicists - discusses the distance of the Sun to a class of students. He questions how the Earth's distance is perfect to that of the Sun. John attends his son's, Kaleb, ceremony, which is to dig up the time capsule.

After each student paws for the contents inside the time capsule, Kaleb manages to escape with a sealed envelop. John watches his son open up the envelop, exposing a sequence of numbers. Kaleb thinks that he is unlucky to receive numbers because everyone else has drawings. John dismisses the numbers as nothing important.

At home, John has a few drinks. He begins to examine the sequence of numbers on the paper. After pouring another drink, he notices the numbers that match the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, including the number of dead. Thinking the number are a coincidence, John continued to match them up to other natural disasters, ones that occur in the previous 50 year before. Surely, having a few drinks too many and possibly thinking about the death of his wife, he stores the theory into the back of his mind.

John is late to picking up Kaleb at school. He calls and tells another friend that he is on his way. While sitting in traffic, he looks at his GPS device, which displays the coordinates of the location. He compares the results to a set up numbers on the paper. The coordinates hint an event that is going to take place at that exact moment in time, taking the lives of 81 people.

John departs his car. He talks with a security officer about what is going on up ahead. The officer claims there is nothing wrong, but a minor accident. The officer looks like he sees a ghost, immediately running away. John looks to the side, noticing that a plane is falling out-of-control and about to crash right into the cars that sit in front of him. He watches the plane spear into a handful of cars and off to the side of the road.

After spreading wreckage a few hundreds yards, the plane then explodes into a fire ball. Plane survivors try to escape from burning, catching on fire in process. John is in disbelief. He douses burning flames off of one passenger with a tarp. He continues to walk, watching several passengers get blown apart in sporadic fiery, explosions. While he tries to revive a passenger, an EMS team arrives on the scene. They pry him off of an unconscious man, asking whether he is alright. John is so much in shock, he doesn't know what to think.

John makes it home in one piece. His sister is relieved to see him. She hugs John tight. John now knows that the numbers are in fact a premonition to what is to happen, considering they already predicted every major event from the past 50 years. Kaleb begins to have a precognitive dream of the land burning out of control.

John visits Lucinda's daughter, Diana, to speak about the premonitions her mother had. He shares that the plane crash was not random. There is also to be an event where a large sum of people will die, then revealing a disaster on October 19, where 33 will die. She refuses to believe what she is hearing. John tries to convince her, but she quickly leaves the restaurant.

John knows the significance of the numbers. He attempts to stop the subway trains from crashing, but instead he keeps a mother and a baby from getting crushed in the process. A large amount of people perish in train accident.

Diana surfaces again, now believing that the signs are true. She offers that her mother also mentions her death as well. Her response is one of guilt for not believe her mother's warnings. After going about how to figure what is going to happen on October 19,

John and Diana locate carvings of "Everyone Else" under a bed. They go to the Laboratory, where John figures out the number 33 - Diana confirms her mother's reverse messages - is in fact an representation that all of mankind will perish. He reviews the Solar Flares on the computer, which he confirms that there is a massive Solar Flare in the universe - total destruction to Earth, completing ending life.

Diana walks in while John is uttering the words about why was he give the numbers if he can't save the world. Apparently upset, Diana races out of the room.

At home, John finds his son writing numbers on a piece of paper. Once the paper is removed, Kaleb continues to carve numbers into the desk, which gives John the clue that what they are looking for is on a old gym door at the school. He finds the door, take it back to his home. Diane is antsy, fearing that time is running out. While John is peeling off the paint from the door, Diana takes the children away.

John discovers that the numbers are a sign to meet at the trailer home. He is alarmed to find that Diane took her daughter and his son. Diane talks with the children about hearing the Whisper people talk in their heads. She starts to panic, driving into the oncoming traffic. She pulls over at a gas station.

Diana watches news, as it warns people about the upcoming disaster. Diane talks to John on the phone. He tells her that they need to go to where the numbers want them to go. Diana flips out and starts to mention the caves and they have to save the children. John tries to warn Diana that nothing can save them. The radiation will penetrate a mile into the Earth's crust.

The Whisper people hijack Diana's car and race off with the kids. Diana chases after them, screaming and yelling. She steals another car, zooming down the road, bobbing and weaving in out and of traffic. The Whisper people and the kids continue through the intersection. Diana works around the traffic and BAM! A diesel smashes into the side of her car, mortally wounding her. She looks at the the black obsidian rock.

John goes to the gas station.He asks the clerk about a lady and two children. The clerk tells him that the lady's car was stolen and that she took another car to chase after them. John drives down the road, noticing a horrific crash. He enter the ambulance, finding that the EMS are unable to revive Diana. She dies at the same exact time her mother said she would, at 12:00am on October 19. John apologizes to her. He notices that she us holding a black obsidian rock.

John drives to the where the number leads him. He plows through the forest. A Whisper man stand there, only observing John lose his patience. John points a gun at him. He wants to know where his son is. Kaleb tells his father to stop and that he is safe. He is holding a white rabbit. John is happy to see his son. He asks if he is hurt.

The Whisper people hint that it is time to go. Diana's daughter walks to the ship. Kaleb waits for his father. the Whisper guy subliminally communicates the his dad can't come. John begs, then realizing that he must let his son go and that they will meet up again in the future. He is saddened, but understands what the moment means. John and his son have an emotional moment, their last together.

The Whisper people turn into Angel/Alien winged entities. They fly the children up to the ship. John watches the ship depart, along with many other. The black obsidian rocks rise up and then drop on the ground. John drops to his knees, knowing that his son is gone and the end is forthcoming.

The rocks begin heat up. John groggily wakes up, sweating up a storm. The sky is orange and hot looking. John drives on Brooklyn Bridge. He looks up into the sky, seeing the massive Solar Flares moving in and out of the atmosphere. Various vehicles burn. New York City is in complete chaos. He drives through, making his way to his parent's home. He walks to the door; his sister answers. She asks where Kaleb is. John confidently responds that he is safe.

John's father hugs him. He tells John that this is not the end. John confirms with "I know" and then family holds each other right at the moment the flares rip through the city like a thousands of nuclear bombs going off.Everything on Earth is destroyed. The water begins to boil.

The sun expands outward, as the flares swallow the Earth. A bright white light flashes. A soft, wheat field looks pure. Kaleb and Diana's daughter are dressed in white. They release the rabbits onto the ground. The space ships take off in the dozens. Kaleb and Diana's daughter run to the "Tree of Life." The world looks peaceful. A new beginning for mankind. An Adam and Eve depiction theme resonates, where the hope for life continues on.

The End


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