Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Walking Dead 603: Spoiler Alert: Main Character Died!

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The most shocking The Walking Dead episodes in many seasons occurred tonight. What are we going to do now? One of the most beloved main characters met his fate tonight.

***TV show spoiler***

The Walking Dead started in 2010. We witnessed many likeable characters exit this zombie show. However, The Walking Dead episode 603 shocked us all. This mega hit show won't be the same. 

A fan favorite, Glenn, met his fate in TWD 603. Nicholas kept going into a traumatic state of being. Finally, standing on garbage cans, high above a crowd of massive zombies, Nicholas puts a gun to his head and blew his brains out. 

Glenn witnessed this shocking moment. Blood splattered on his face. A dead Nicholas falls off the garbage cans, dragging Glenn along with him. 

Glenn falls into the zombie pit. His body is ripped apart. We leave this episode picking up the pieces, questioning whether this moment is real. 

Glenn is dead! That is reality. We won't see Glenn taking part in The Walking Dead after 603. He is gone forever. Thank you Nicholas for being weak, taking a major main character with you. 

Glenn is now dead in The Walking Dead! Or is he? How will Maggie react to this tragic news? Can Glenn survive this moment? Are we watching Nicholas being torn apart? We need closure. Waiting sucks! 


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