Monday, February 15, 2016

The Walking Dead 609 spoilers

Shocking episode, folks! Another major twist in The Walking Dead is keeping us on edge. This midseason premiere started with a big bang. In our opinion, this is the best episode in Season 6.

Spoiler alert: Ready to find out the spoilers for The Walking Dead 609?

What happens in TWD 609?

Sam Anderson struggles to walking through the zombie pack. Carol's threat that zombies will eat his flesh and rip him apart play in his mind. Jessie tries to restore confidence back in her son.

All of a sudden, two zombies bite down on Sam's shoulders. He is getting eaten apart. Jessie cries out loud, shocked her youngest son is on the verge of dying.

Carl begs Jessie to let go of her son. He grabs a hold of her hand. Then, two Walkers bite down on Jessie. Rick is in shock watching his new flame getting eaten. Flashback of Jessie smiling cloud his mind.

Jessie won't let go of Carl. Carl is unable to escape from her death grip on him. Rick snaps out of his trance; he chop off Jessie's forearm so that she will free Carl's arm.

Ron Anderson, oldest son of Jessie, points a gun at Rick and Carl. Michonne skewers Ron, but not in time to prevent the worst disaster we've seen in many seasons--Ron shoots at a main character.

Carl is shot through his right eye, revealing a hollow void. He collapses to the ground. Rick is in shock again. He must move quickly to save his son. Michonne is also in shock that Carl may be dead.

Wolf's Alpha man is bitten on his forearm. He saves Denise from becoming a healthy zombie meal. Carol shoots at the wolf man, wounding him so zombies begin to attack him. He eventually transforms into a zombie.

The most shocking event in many season occurs--Carl is in another coma. He loses his right eye. He is barely hanging on to his life. Jessie and her two sons are gone. Rick is on the verge of sinking into his past mental collapse following the death of his wife, Lori.

However, Rick reclaims his mind and goes outside to kill many Walkers. The rest of the Alexandria bunch join in for zombie killing.

We lose Jessie, Sam and Ron. Carl is in critical condition after getting shot through the right eye. Despite his weakened state, he does manage to grip Rick's hand to close out 609.

The Walking Dead 609 episode ends.


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