Monday, February 15, 2016

The Walking Dead 609 spoilers

Shocking episode, folks! Another major twist in The Walking Dead is keeping us on edge. This midseason premiere started with a big bang. In our opinion, this is the best episode in Season 6.

Spoiler alert: Ready to find out the spoilers for The Walking Dead 609?

What happens in TWD 609?

Sam Anderson struggles to walking through the zombie pack. Carol's threat that zombies will eat his flesh and rip him apart play in his mind. Jessie tries to restore confidence back in her son.

All of a sudden, two zombies bite down on Sam's shoulders. He is getting eaten apart. Jessie cries out loud, shocked her youngest son is on the verge of dying.

Carl begs Jessie to let go of her son. He grabs a hold of her hand. Then, two Walkers bite down on Jessie. Rick is in shock watching his new flame getting eaten. Flashback of Jessie smiling cloud his mind.

Jessie won't let go of Carl. Carl is unable to escape from her death grip on him. Rick snaps out of his trance; he chop off Jessie's forearm so that she will free Carl's arm.

Ron Anderson, oldest son of Jessie, points a gun at Rick and Carl. Michonne skewers Ron, but not in time to prevent the worst disaster we've seen in many seasons--Ron shoots at a main character.

Carl is shot through his right eye, revealing a hollow void. He collapses to the ground. Rick is in shock again. He must move quickly to save his son. Michonne is also in shock that Carl may be dead.

Wolf's Alpha man is bitten on his forearm. He saves Denise from becoming a healthy zombie meal. Carol shoots at the wolf man, wounding him so zombies begin to attack him. He eventually transforms into a zombie.

The most shocking event in many season occurs--Carl is in another coma. He loses his right eye. He is barely hanging on to his life. Jessie and her two sons are gone. Rick is on the verge of sinking into his past mental collapse following the death of his wife, Lori.

However, Rick reclaims his mind and goes outside to kill many Walkers. The rest of the Alexandria bunch join in for zombie killing.

We lose Jessie, Sam and Ron. Carl is in critical condition after getting shot through the right eye. Despite his weakened state, he does manage to grip Rick's hand to close out 609.

The Walking Dead 609 episode ends.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Walking Dead 603: Spoiler Alert: Main Character Died!

***We don't own the right to this video. It is available on YouTube as part of the Standard YouTube license.*** 

The most shocking The Walking Dead episodes in many seasons occurred tonight. What are we going to do now? One of the most beloved main characters met his fate tonight.

***TV show spoiler***

The Walking Dead started in 2010. We witnessed many likeable characters exit this zombie show. However, The Walking Dead episode 603 shocked us all. This mega hit show won't be the same. 

A fan favorite, Glenn, met his fate in TWD 603. Nicholas kept going into a traumatic state of being. Finally, standing on garbage cans, high above a crowd of massive zombies, Nicholas puts a gun to his head and blew his brains out. 

Glenn witnessed this shocking moment. Blood splattered on his face. A dead Nicholas falls off the garbage cans, dragging Glenn along with him. 

Glenn falls into the zombie pit. His body is ripped apart. We leave this episode picking up the pieces, questioning whether this moment is real. 

Glenn is dead! That is reality. We won't see Glenn taking part in The Walking Dead after 603. He is gone forever. Thank you Nicholas for being weak, taking a major main character with you. 

Glenn is now dead in The Walking Dead! Or is he? How will Maggie react to this tragic news? Can Glenn survive this moment? Are we watching Nicholas being torn apart? We need closure. Waiting sucks! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead 406 spoilers

The Walking Dead 406 spoilers are ready right now! It is one of the best episodes since Laurie and T-Dog died in 302 and Andrea met her end in the season 3 finale. If you haven't watched the season 4 mid-season, avoid reading the spoilers below.

***Spoiler Alert*** 

Lets skip the small spoilers and go right to the juicy meat. 

Meagan gets bitten by a walker. Lilly delivers her daughter to The Governor. The Governor shoots Meagan in the head to make sure she doesn't turn. Daryl kills Mitch with his crossbow. 

The major spoiler is: we lose Hershel to the ruthless Governor. The Governor does the unthinkable, taking his sword and decapitating Hershel's head. 

The Governor and Rick beat one another to a pulp. Before The Governor can eliminate Rick, Michonne slices through his back and through his gut. The Governor lays helpless on the ground, where Lilly shoots him dead. 

Carl and Rick discover Judith is missing.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special spoilers

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween special revealed a major spoiler. PLL fans will be excited about this moment towards the end. If you haven't watched the Halloween episode, then avoid reading the spoiler below.

***Spoiler Alert***

Ezra goes berserk on a cabinet door. Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria attend a Halloween event in Ravenswood. Ezra calls Aria and tells her to watch out. 

A disguised man (Ezra?) gets into a fight with Spencer. Spencer cuts him on the arm with a hedge cutter. She attempts to remove the mask, but the man shoves her to the ground. Spencer hits her head and is knocked out. 

The major spoiler is that Allison is alive. However, she is scared of someone (A), Caleb shows up and Allison disappears.  

Hanna tells Caleb to protect Miranda Collins, a new character which we will learn more about in Ravenswood. PLL opens up the door to a new spinoff show. 

Enjoy watching Pretty Little Liars. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 plot spoiler

Insidious Chapter 2 opened on Friday the 13th. It is the second part to the sleeper hit released back in 2011. The same cast performed in the sequel.

If you haven't watched Insidious 2 yet, then beware that we will be revealing the plot spoiler to this movie.

***Spoiler Alert***

This Insidious movie opened in 1986, where the young Josh experienced night terrors. In actuality, Josh has a special gift to do astral projection. He can leave his physical body through an astral form. His astral travel exposed him to an evil entity known as the woman in black. 

Carl is present in the dining area, who is Elise's helper and also possesses psychic medium abilities. Lorraine, Josh's mother, shows Elise photographs with the old woman in a black dress and veil. 

This scene gives backstory to the original Insidious. Josh astral projects into the spiritual world in which he leads Elise (she is carrying a walkie talkie) to his closet to confront the parasite that is haunting Josh. Josh guides Elise using a hot and cold game. 

Elise is pulled into the closet. She has visible scratches on her arm. She rushes out of the room, informing Lorraine and Carl that there is a parasite living inside Josh's room. Carl runs the camera, while Elise uses hypnosis to help Josh to suppress his memories to forget about the night terrors. 

Josh mentions he will show some unknown entity the way. He appears to sleepwalk his way near the front door and points ahead. The door mysteriously opens up without any manipulation. 

Elise continues on with erasing all Josh's memories using a hypnosis pendulum device. This enables Elise to hide Josh's memories and this leads him to live a typical childhood free of possession. 

Renai is questioned about the death of Elise. Josh is implicated as the main suspect in Elise's death. The officer discusses the paranormal-type claims involving Elise and this current death situation. Apparitions, spiritual world and ghosts are mentioned in this questioning. 

Josh, Renai and their children are staying at Lorraine's home. 

Quick plot spoilers are below to sum up the Insidious Chapter 2 plot: 
  • The old woman is in fact the old man who died in the hospital. He dresses up like a bride in black and kills young woman. He murdered 15 young girls. 
  • Josh is possessed by this old woman known as Parker. Parker is a ghost struggling with past memories from his mother abusing him through having him dress up as a girl. He is expected to accept his girl name. 
  • The real adult Josh is trapped in The Further with a lantern. 
  • Dalton astral projects often. We never hear astral projection in the movie. It is referred as traveling, nightmare or dreaming. 
  • The paranormal investigators find a 1986 tape of Josh in Elise's reading room. In this tape, the older Josh is noticeable in the background. 
  • Josh is cleared up Elise's murder. It is obviously Josh is not in his right mind. He pulls out his teeth, hinting to us he is a possessed person. 
  • Carl uses dice speak to Elise. The group are guided to an hospital Lorraine worked at. This is when we are introduced to an old male patient form the past. Lorraine shares her experience with this old patient. Josh encounters this old man. He tries to choke Josh. The old man is Parker the serial killer.  
  • Ghosts continue to haunt the house. Josh tells Renai to ignore these ghosts. He tells her that the ghosts want what we have - life. 
  • The astral Josh plays the piano to warn Renai. Possessed Josh doesn't remember the song. This is yet another hint to reveal the possession. 
  • Dalton has nightmares, which worsen because he still astral projects in The Further. In one scene, we see a The Sixth Sense type of scene which a young girl attempts to warn Dalton. All of a sudden, several dead people surround Dalton as he return back into his body. His astral body makes its way into the physical body to reaffirm their connection. 
  • Toward the ending, Carl, Specks and another paranormal investigator try to trick Josh. It turns into a disaster once Carl and Josh get into a confrontation and the two PI's are also knocked out.
  • Elise helps out Josh in the astral world. 
  • Josh, Carl and Elise confront Parker's mother.
  • In the physical world, Josh chases around Lorraine and Renai. He slams each one to the ground. Lorraine is locked inside a room. Renai is almost choked to death. Dalton saves his mother from his impostor father by singing a bat or some other stick at him.
  • Renail and her kids race to the basement. They block everything in their path. Somehow, Josh is capable of busing through the doors to reach the basement. 
  • Renai smashes Parker's mother in the spiritual world. This saves the possessed Josh from killing his son Dalton in the real world. 
  • Carl performs hypnosis to help Josh and Dalton forget their astral travels and to put the past behind them. 
  • The two paranormal investigators and an invisible Elise go to a home. The daughter got into an accident. Elise discovers there is something very evil clinging to her. She has the same reaction as when seeing the red-faced demon in the original Insidious. This leaves open Insidious 3. 

Insidious Chapter 2 travels in and out of time. It can be viewed as time travel movie. No mention of astral projection, but we see the technique used in the movie. Dalton does attach the can and string to his waist to symbolize the silver cord that keeps an astral traveler close to their point of origin. 

The end.